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Why is Gluten Causing Problems?

While the exact statistics are fuzzy, it’s clear that Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are on a sharp rise in Western developed nations. We all seem to know someone (or be that someone) who is trying a gluten-free lifestyle – at least this is the trend in the United States.

If you’re wondering what’s the hoopla all about, this video is for you. It’s produced by Anne Buzzeli, another Registered Dietitian. It is a trailer for her series of classes about gluten, called Get Out of the Gluten Glut!

Are you considering going gluten-free? If so, please share your reasons in the comments below. I want to hear from you!

In honor of Celiac awareness month.

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  • Brianna Thompson

    Thanks for posting this incredibly informative and interesting video, Frances. I don't have any gluten problems (that I know of), but I'm definitely forwarding this page over to my friend who does deal with Gluten problems. In addition, this is just really useful information to know. Thanks again!

    • Cristina Milner

      Thanks for the info Frances! Random timing, but I recently decided to stop eating gluten because of some of the same reasons talked about here!

    • Frances Arnold

      Thanks, Brianna! I know that this topic is of top relevance with many of us this day. Good on your for sharing!

  • Brianna T.

    Hi Frances. I was trying to forward this link to a friend but the video is now private. Do you know if Anne has the video available anywhere on her own website, or is there any way to access it again?

    • Frances Arnold

      Hi Brianna, Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Anne changed her video strategy, and she sent me new links to new videos. We’ve updated this page to reflect what her current videos are, so you should be able to view everything without a problem.

      Stay tuned, as there is more coming from Anne in this gluten-education department!

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