Turn Health Challenges Into Life Gifts

If you’re like many people I meet, accepting your body (and any health issue) is rather difficult.

The journey in releasing unneeded weight can feel painful and demoralizing when we’re constantly focusing on what’s wrong about ourselves.
Let the process of weight loss be a spiritual journey that’s making you whole and complete.

Your weight (or health issues) are a gift that are teaching you lessons you might otherwise not learn.

 Here’s an example from my own life:  When I discovered that gluten was a serious issue for my health (because of Celiac, which created a wide-array of difficult symptoms for me), I felt both liberated and burdened. Liberated because I could finally do something to end the years of mystery illness. Burdened because it meant strict adherence to a gluten-free life. Back then, the bread options were rice-cardboard-bread and tapioca-fall-apart-bread. Gluten-free options weren’t as prolific as today.

I became imprisoned by my limitations.

Never again would I eat out. No more Del Taco, Oreo cookies, or whole wheat muffins. Or donuts at work.
But eventually, I realized that I’d become much more of a food sleuth. I could still eat out, and I was smarter about how to do so. I started reading labels more carefully, and found that most of the gluten-containing foods were full of terrible ingredients anyway. So by removing gluten, I’d been forced into eating real food. By not being able to sneak in a cheat meal or cheat junk food, I’d learned how to plan better. Overall, my diet was truly overhauled. I’d learned to seek and desire fresh, whole foods. And the problems I’d previously had with my weight, skin, immune system, joints, brain and gut all improved remarkably.
And my relationship with my body is now one of much greater respect and love. When I care for it, it rewards me with energy, vitality, healthy weight, good skin, focus, and so much more.

What burdens us can also be what sets us free

Sure, the limitations are still something I have to deal with every single day. But most of the time, I’m able to remember how lucky I am that my body gave me a reason to pay more attention. Paying attention to my health has given me great freedom in that I have the vitality to do almost anything I want to do.
It’s the same for you too, really. Your story may be a bit different than mine, but the gifts are still there for you.
By learning how to accept yourself, your body, and the situation you’re in, you will be able to dance with your situation. Rather than lamenting about your challenges, you can embrace them as an opportunity to grow, to become deeper, to see the world from a different lens.
Maybe you’re already doing this!
By seeing yourself as a co-creator of your life and health, you’ll feel more inspired to try new approaches and to see things in new ways. It becomes easier to be proactive because the rewards of having good health are beyond worth any trouble it takes. I want this for you.

Each challenging moment brings a message for you. It is an opportunity in work clothes.

Your life is not meant to be comfortable or perfect. Our challenges help us become more enlightened, more intelligent, more human every day. Suffering gives us compassion.

You would not be who you are today without your challenges.

Give thanks for them, for they are your teachers. When you have learned the lessons from your challenges fully, you will know how to handle them and they will no longer be a problem. You will have been transformed by them.
In the following interview, I talk about this lesson, and more. I was interviewed by a popular radio show, Life Mastery Radio, this week. We spoke about nutrition, mindfulness and self-love. The hosts, Todd and Debby, are popular coaches and leaders in the self-mastery field.
Find the recording here. I hope you enjoy!

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Now, I would love to hear from you.

  • How are you working on bringing self-love into your relationship with your body?
  • Is it something achievable for you?
  • Does it feel far too radical to imagine happening?

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