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Releasing Subconscious Barriers: the Key to Health and Happiness


Are you struggling with a health or personal issue that’s getting in your way?

Have you been told by your doctors that there’s nothing that can be done?

What if I told you that the solution is there, but it’s stored in your subconscious mind?

97% of your brain’s processing is subconscious. This means that our conscious thoughts only occupy 3% of what is occurring in our brain.  Think of a tiny elephant handler trying to guide a giant elephant(1) on a path from point A to B.The giant elephant is the subconscious while the tiny elephant handler is the conscious. If the conscious or the elephant handler controls only 3% of the brain’s processes, will he be very good at guiding the elephant along the path?   This is a key reason as to why reaching our goals can be so hard.  Our conscious might want to stop procrastinating or eat well and get plenty of exercise, but our more powerful subconscious might have a different agenda.

So what is stored in the subconscious?  Basic habits like how to breathe, eat, sleep, and more complex skills that we learn like driving get ingrained in our subconscious mind.  Our behaviors, our mindset and all of our experiences that we can’t access consciously are also stored in our subconscious. This means that our subconscious is a wealthy source of information that knows what we need to function optimally!

elephant picThe good news is that by using tools to access the subconscious, we can discover the barriers that are in the way of reaching your personal, professional wellness goals.  Using techniques called the Emotion Code and the Body Code(2), they can be released!  These methods our powerful and can often help us achieve goals we never imagined possible!

But is releasing barriers enough to affect change?  Yes!   I believe we all have a wise inner wizard.  This inner wizard helps guide us in parts of our life that work well for us.  But in areas of our life where we struggle, our wise inner wizard can be clouded by negative emotions, belief systems, sabotage and more.   But releasing our barriers with the Emotion and Body Code helps us access that inner wisdom and move forward with our goals with the mindset we need to thrive.

How can we access and release these subconscious barriers?  Tune into this podcast to learn:

1.   The one key factor that almost always gets in the way of our ability to heal, and why it’s so important to let it go.
2.   About the power of working with the subconscious to release your barriers to optimal emotional and physical health.
3.   How you can change your inherited patterns to and help your parents too!
4.   The significance of the heart wall, how it’s affecting you, and how you can release it.
5.   At the end, I’ll reveal How to get my top 10 tips for a happy & healthy brain.

Written by Dr. Tina Enerjoy

Dr. Tina Enerjoy (Tina Huang) has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and is a holistic healer for a happy and healthy brain at  She has been researching underlying causes of mental and cognitive disorders for over 18 years in academia, such as University of Rochester, Tufts and Johns Hopkins.  She uses EFT, the Emotion Code and the Body Code to help clients release underlying barriers to their personal, professional and health challenges.

1Switch by Chip and Dan Heath
2 The Emotion Code and the Body Code were developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson

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  • Katie

    This was very interesting. I was wondering if Dr. Enerjoy could comment on what one of her most challenging experiences were with helping clients.

    • Dr. Tina EnerJoy

      Thank you that excellent question Katie!
      My biggest challenges with clients is when their have gotten so far out of balance, that their needs are life threatening, and so we are working against the clock.

      I had a client who had severe depression and bipolar and was often suicidal. During one session early in our work together he was very depressed and had no will to go on. After clearing tons of despair, and energies that were contributing to his lack of will to live, he started to engage more and more, and by the end of our session was feeling so much lighter that we were laughing together. He later confessed to me that he had been suicidal at the time. It took a few more sessions of clearing before the suicidal tendencies stopped for good.

  • Veronica Champion

    I really think you can help my son which is my prayer. He has been suffering so much and taking so many pills. My biggest dream is to see him healthy and happy living a fulfilled life.

    • Frances Arnold

      Veronica, please let me know if there is something I can do to help. Best wishes.

    • Dr. Tina EnerJoy

      Veronica, if I could be of service, please give me a call at 1855 ENERJOY. We can easily schedule a complimentary consultation for you or your son!
      To your health & happiness!
      -Dr. Tina EnerJoy

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