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#4: Give Your Meal the Sparkle Appeal

People eat with their eyes first.

Are your meals delighting the eyes, or could they use some sparkle and shine? Lean into this conversation, where professional Food Stylist, Rachel Sherwood, unpacks tricks and techniques for making a yummilicious meal. She will help your meals (and mine) evolve from ordinary grub to an eyeball-ishious extravaganza.

In this podcast, Rachel Sherwood shares her expert insights for making a pretty plate, including:

  • Dressing up a simple meal into a dazzling delight;
  • Building your confidence in the kitchen;
  • Strategizing so that your party dish(es) succeed;
  • Entertaining guests WITHOUT stress;
  • Low budget ways to beautify your meal environment;
  • Making multi-tasking recipes;
  • and other golden nuggets for gorgeous grub.

(Download the audio to your computer with these instructions.)

Read the full transcript here.

Credit: Rachel Sherwood

Rachel Sherwood is an expert in the food industry. She is a Food Stylist who presents food at it’s best. Her passion for food and serving others began when she was a child assisting in the kitchen and helping host her parent’s dinner parties. Rachel’s inspiration comes from a genuine appreciation of food, family and love of traveling which has taken her across the globe, from the US to Europe, the Caribbean and New Zealand. Creating confidence in the kitchen is where her skills excel by making mediocre meals magnificent you will be star in your kitchen with every meal.

Credit: Rachel Sherwood

Rachel states,

“I believe that the richness of life is found when we gather the ones we love around a table. That through food we create stronger relationships. Food not only nourishes the body it has the capacity to heal the heart, lift the soul and challenge the mind. Through classes, hands on skills, videos and unique “multi-tasking” recipes I create confidence in the kitchen.”

Credit: Rachel Sherwood

She is also the author of “The Pretty Plate”:

You have heard the saying before, “People eat first with their eyes”. It’s true, we do! Yet plate presentation is usually not even on the list of things to consider when making a meal at home. What if your daily dinners could look like they came from a restaurant kitchen? Well they can. You can create a pretty plate every time. I believe everyday meals can be special.  In this book you will discover the 5 elements that create Pretty Plates taking the everyday dinner from mediocre to magnificent. The book includes 12 recipes that demonstrate simple concepts for creating a pretty plate. Master the skill of artful dining then experiment on your own family favorites. Impress your family and friends with The Pretty Plate and find other menu ideas, Pretty Plate Pointers and other helpful related products at

. Food Stylist Rachel Sherwood, author of “Pretty Plate”

Download the audio to your computer with these instructions.)

Show notes:

Visit her website to drool over her exquisite food photos. And, while you’re at it, you can pre-order Rachel’s Book, “The Pretty Plate”, and to download “20 Creative Ways to Use an Everyday Plastic Bag to Make Your Life Easier.”

Now, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Tell me,

  1. What is one dish that you can cook better than anything else in the world?
  2. What is one thing you’ve learned to do (or not to do) when it comes to entertaining?
  3. If you’ve already listened to the podcast, tell me what you’ll try for your next party!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Hugs and smooches,


(Need help downloading the podcast? Click here.)





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