Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods in Washington – I-522 interview

Feeling confused about the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods? That’s the result of more than $17 million dollars of funding from GE companies to help defeat labeling in Washington. Their ads are confusing to consumers, who simply want the right to know what foods they are eating. But GE companies, like Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, and others, have a lot of money to lose when we ask them to tell us the truth about our foods.

While 64 countries have initiated labeling of GE foods – including China and India –  millions of dollars are pumped into campaigns to keep GE foods label-free in the US. This issue represents the right to know what we are buying and feeding our families, yet we are continuously denied this basic right.

Thankfully, the opportunity to vote in favor of GE labeling is coming in November in Washington state with the 522 initiative. 

Yes on 522

This brief interview will cover what labeling in Washington state will mean for consumers, farmers, and fishermen. Listen and learn from Anita Yandle of I-522. She will clearly explain the benefits of labeling, and will address consumer concerns.

This truck is on display now inside of Whole Foods in Lynnwood, WA. Thank you, Whole Foods!

This truck is on display now inside of Whole Foods in Lynnwood, WA. Thank you, Whole Foods!

Here are the questions I address with Anita Yandle in this brief interview:

  • What are the parameters that I-522 covers?
  • Why is it important to pass I-522 and not wait for federal labeling?
  • How many people support labeling?
  • How simple will labeling be?
  • Can you address the objections that labeling will cost families too much money?
  • What will happen when I-522 passes? (How long will it take for it to take effect? Will the legislature still have to vote on it?)
  • Have there been any reported negatives/harms due to labeling GE foods (in other countries)? (what do we have to lose by labeling?)
  • Why doesn’t it cover animals who eat GE foods at this time?
  • What will labeling mean for the fishing industry and the introduction of GE fish?
  • How will it benefit farmers/farming industry to have labels on GE foods?
  • What sort of help do you need to help this move forward? Who can chip in? How would supporters in other states be able to help?
  • Funding is obviously a huge issue. Can you give us an idea of the monetary scale at which you’re operating, vs the opposing forces?
  • What do you see happening in the future of GMO/GE?
  • Why do you think the US is so slow to adopt labeling rights?




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