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#14: How to stop struggling and get what you want (in health and in life) with hypnotherapist Bea Soyla

Are you trying to make lifestyle changes but you keep falling back to old habits and old patterns, ending up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

The secret to changing habits, reaching goals, releasing stress, creating abundance and flourishing relationships is understanding the power of your subconscious mind!
When you understand the laws that your mind operates on, and you start learning about ways you can update your mindset, you will realize that the only things that keep you from living the life that you desire are the following:

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  • Kelly

    Great post. I recently began doing some energy healing and it is an intense and exhilarating process. I never realized I was carrying around so much… It wasn’t until I finally slowed down long enough that I realized there was something “there” . A wonderful combination of your expertise . Your beliefs, expectations and perceptions. And all along I thought it was my lack of doing something… Very insightful content.

    • Frances Arnold

      How cool that you discovered these insights, Kelly. I hope this encourages other readers. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Sandi Gordon

    I love your “love nuggets” 🙂 Who couldn’t use some immune system improvements, and who knew that they are available right in our minds. Thanks so much for the podcast – great information from both of you!

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