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The connection between gluten and pain

For those of us who have struggled with pain, we understand that getting it under control can be really challenging. Taking a pain pill may provide short-term relief, but it’s not a smart long-term strategy.

Clients who struggle with pain, like fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches and arthritis are often surprised to learn that nutrition and lifestyle are playing a huge role in their pain.

As a long-time migraine sufferer, I’ve discovered that nutrition and trigger foods play a huge role for me. Coffee triggers a lot of aches and pains for me as well. Once I’ve helped a client identify their food triggers, they are hugely relieved to discover that simply avoiding trigger foods can make a night and day difference in terms of their pain.

In this podcast, Barbara Searles, a holistic pain relief coach, talks about about gluten, sleep, stress, and junk foods role in pain. Barbara also knows pain intimately, and she teaches her clients how to change their diet and lifestyle in order to effectively manage it.

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Frances Arnold Johnson, RDN, CD, CLT

Frances Arnold Johnson, RDN, CD, CLT


About Frances Arnold-Johnson: My mission is to help make nutrition sane, personalized, and deeply satisfying. Clients seek my services for help with improving their weight, their energy, their digestion, gluten-free living and reducing aches & pains.  Clients are attracted to my counseling style: mindful, soulful coaching. I work with clients nationwide.

I also provide custom-designed seminars and workshops on weight management, stress-management, and anti-inflammatory living. You’ll find my resources on mindful, soulful nutrition & lifestyle coaching:



Barbara Searles

Barbara Searles, Holistic Pain Relief Coach

About our guest pain-relief expert, Barbara Searles:

Barbara Searles, Holistic Pain Relief Coach, founded in response to her own life experience with chronic pain and entrepreneurship. Confident Wellness is her second company, having founded over ten years ago. Barbara’s personal and business mission is helping entrepreneurs living with chronic pain through her Unlock the Puzzle of Pain(TM) process. This system of realistic changes offers entrepreneurs a series of holistic, nutrition-based choices that add up to big gains! Read more about her own journey to health.

Download Barbara’s FREE report, “17 Easy Ways to Start Minimizing Pain Today” and receive her weekly holistic pain relief articles at

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