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“We spend half of our lives gaining wealth but losing health. We spend the next half of our lives trying to regain our health by spending our wealth.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

If you’re ready to improve your weight, energy, digestion, or aches and pains, I can help you succeed much faster, and more easily, than if you were to do it alone.

People work with me so that they can restore their health faster, easier, with less expense and with more fun. I help clients trim their weight and improve their energy, digestion, aches & pains – all with personalized, sustainable lifestyle coaching.

If you’re ready for a whole-hearted, whole-person nutrition approach, my system is for you. I love helping clients restore energy and vitality. I live what I teach because I have struggled with these conditions.

New Clients:

  1. Schedule your FIRST (INITIAL) consultation with Frances
  2. You’ll receive electronic documents via your email address that you provide.
  3. Please fax your insurance information to us 206.331.4193. Here’s what we need:
    1. A clear image of the front and back of your card.
    2. Your date of birth and full name.
    3. The date of birth and full name of the person who is the main subscriber
  4. Please contact your insurance company to learn about your nutrition benefits and any amounts you’re expected to pay. You’re responsible for the cost of the visits if your insurance doesn’t pay, and we do not interpret benefits for you. It is your responsibility to understand your benefits.

Established Clients:

Schedule your FOLLOW-UP consultation here

Make Peace with Food

Clients appreciate my whole-hearted, whole-person system to finding your natural weight and loving your body. You’ll transform your life and relationship to yourself, too.

“After Frances’s weight-loss program, I have a toolbox of strategies for healthy eating. If you are starting on a weight-loss journey, or looking to fortify your weight-loss journey, Frances’s weight-loss program can give you tools that will help every step of the way.” – Kimberly, Seattle, WA

Pregnancy Planning, Pre-Natal & Post-Natal

Congratulations on this very exciting time of life! Planning for a new baby is an experience like none other. I’ve been helping women with prenatal/postnatal nutrition since 2008. I’m also a trained lactation consultant, though now I refer out for this service. Together, we’ll address healthy weight patterns, nourishing food, supplements and loving self-care routine. We’ll explore how to reduce overwhelm, like managing meals after baby is born. Your partner is welcome to attend these sessions to help support you.

Gluten-Sensitivity & Celiac Disease

Your body needs time and targeted support to heal so that you can recover your best health. Together, we will cut through the overwhelm, and focus systematically, so that you can enjoy your new gluten-free lifestyle. I can help your body heal by helping you obtain critical nutrients that you may not be absorbing due to gut damage. I’ve been gluten-free since 2010, so I understand the challenges.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I know. I’s expensive, embarrassing, and life-altering. Ain’t nobody got time for that! You’ve got a life to live and talents to share in the world. IBS doesn’t have to hold you back. I understand just how annoying this is, and there is hope. Let’s address the root causes of which foods are triggering this problem. There are hundreds of possibilities of what’s affecting you. I can help you cut through the maze faster than if you were to do it alone, or with someone untrained.

“For about 20 years I have tried everything possible . . . to try and ease my physical pain. By the end of the first week, I was feeling very little joint pain. My headaches subsided, and my digestive track was making some major changes for the better. Through it all, Frances has been readily available. I couldn’t be happier.” – Debra Howell, WA

Food Sensitivities

Are you tired of struggling with IBS, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, digestion, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, moodiness brain fog, acne or fatigue? These are common, chronic symptoms that often accompany underlying food sensitivity. If you’re ready to address the root causes for food sensitivities, I can help. We will have you tested for 130 foods and 20 chemicals to which you may be having a reaction. (Learn about the blood test here). After we obtain your results, I will further personalize them so that they work for you in your life. You will go through a temporary food elimination, based on your test results and your personalized plan. Then, we will reintroduce your foods gradually, to assess your new response to them.

Happy-CoupleBefore I met Frances, I was plagued with constant fatigue, constipation, bloating, migraine, and illness (i.e. cold & flu). This was going on for a very long time. After using her service for couple of months, I’ve noticed a big difference in my health after being on LEAP plan. No more fatigue, constipation, bloating, migraine, or illness. I’m a much better person with full of energy – thanks to Frances’ support, encouragement, and knowledge! I highly recommend her to anyone who struggles with their health issues. – Bobby, Edmonds, WA

Grocery Shopping Tour

You’ll gain confidence, efficiency, and clarity around finding the healthiest choices available in the grocery store. Together, we’ll save you time and energy by targeting your purchases that are aligned with your goals. Heck, you might even start enjoying grocery shopping!

“My hour with Frances was one of the most informative and enlightening times that I can remember. I highly recommend that if you are having trouble achieving your weight loss goals to consult with her and go on the grocery tour.” – Jim Bowers, MD, Sound Health Physicians

Pantry Makeover

Ready for a reset? If you’re ready to make a shift, but need the friendly nudge of a professional, this is for you. Makeovers are great if you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just plain bored with the idea of clearing the cupboards. You + Me + your pantry = transformation. You’ll love this!

Skipping-Senior“The time I have spent with Frances Arnold has changed my life . . . . Her realistic approach and practical suggestions encouraged me to adopt the healthier living style in now enjoy.” – Ken Anderson, 78 years old

Yoga Classes & Stress Release

Find rejuvenation physically, mentally and emotionally with therapeutic yoga practices. I’ve been teaching therapeutic yoga and stress-release practices since year 2000.

Private classes: Starting at $75/hour.

“Frances is my favorite instructor because she incorporates touch into yoga . . .and she offers awesome analogies for the motions during breathing exercises. . . Her style of instruction is highly adaptive to any given class’ needs. I really, really miss having her in Reno!!!! Despite my search for a good replacement, there is just nobody else like her here.” –Haley Anderton-Folmer

You will receive much more than just a nutrition consult when working with me. You will receive ongoing support from me in numerous ways. This includes:

  • Exclusive membership access to high-value nutrition resources
  • Between-appointment email access
  • Between-appointment built-in accountability


  • Expert support and close guidance
  • In-depth assessment regarding your health goals
  • In-depth strategies that are made for your unique needs
  • Receive priority appointment access
  • Primary email access to Frances during the length of your nutrition agreement (for brief questions and clarification. This is not intended to replace appointments)
  • Enjoy fast, easy and flexible appointment scheduling by having access to my online appointment calendar.
  • Flexible appointment options: Consultations may take place over email, phone, Skype and in-person. This option is only available for cash-pay clients, as insurance will not reimburse for anything but in-person appointments.
  • Brush-up appointments are typically 15 minutes, which help you fine-tune your nutrition wellness plan AFTER our contract is complete.
  • Option to bring your primary partner to appointments for enhanced support (with focus on YOUR NEEDS)
  • Strategy development for planning family meals, outings & vacations

Click here to discover more about my credentials and journey to regaining my health.

Nutrition appointments are located in Lynnwood, WA, Snohomish County.