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Weight Management

Turn Health Challenges Into Life Gifts

The journey in releasing unneeded weight can feel painful and demoralizing when we're constantly focusing on what's wrong about ourselves. Let the process of weight loss be a spiritual journey that’s making you whole and complete.  Here's an example from my own life:  When I discovered that gluten was a serious issue for my health

Stop dieting and start nourishing yourself

You think they need to deprive themselves of nearly everything you love to eat. But you also have to filter the sea of health advisors, all of whom advise differently with what to do with your health. Eat vegan! No, eat paleo. Follow Weight Watchers! No, use Intuitive Eating. Before you even start, you're confused, stressed and exhausted!

Five Tips To Avoid Weight Gain This Thanksgiving

The holidays are a beautiful time for F-words: feasts, family, and fun. This is also a period for an E-word: expanding waistlines. Starvation only leads to overeating. And that leads to digestive distress, weight gain, fatigue. Is that really how you want to spend your holiday? If not, then have a proper breakfast. Something like

Thriving with Diabetes

It’s natural to feel that the diagnosis of diabetes is a real curse. If your diagnosis is new, it’s alright to give yourself time to grieve and process. But don’t stay in that space too long. In the case of diabetes, these lessons include adopting the healthy lifestyle factors that our bodies need. You know,

Thriving as a Vegetarian with Diabetes

Let's face it. Living with diabetes is no simple thing. And figuring out what you can safely eat to keep your blood sugars within safe ranges - not too high, not too low - can be quite the learning curve. When I first started training with diabetes educators, I was disappointed to learn that the

I’m changing my weight success program. Here’s why.

Last month, dozens of you opened up and told me all about your weight struggles in an online survey. Many of you really took your time in sharing vulnerably, telling me all about some of your most painful thoughts and feelings related to your weight. You openly shared about your struggles in habits, emotions, and

Help shape my new weight success program + a gift for you

I'm working on bringing years of my professional weight loss coaching online so that more people can access my support. Plus, there will be community. Lots of it. I'm really jazzed! So many of you have told me that this is what you're seeking: something convenient, affordable, and online. If you are like the majority

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