Why is Happiness So Elusive?

Most of the suffering in our lives is the result of an ignorant understanding in what we think will bring us happiness. Some would argue that all of our suffering is a result of this misunderstanding. So listen up, because this post will help you understand where happiness is and where it is not.

If happiness were in money, then every rich person should be thrilled and soaked in bliss, right? Read more

Forgiveness Action Plan

This is the third posting of a series in radical forgiveness. Please visit the first post “Finding Forgiveness” for Part I or “Finding Forgiveness Part II”  as well.

Forgiveness action plan: Lama Marut assigns the first week’s work to write a list of all the people who have caused you pain in any form. Write down what each person did to you and how you feel about it. For the entire week, we are asked to concentrate on one or more of these people to see how we feel about each of these people. Read more

Finding Forgiveness, Part II

Please visit the last post “Finding Forgiveness” for Part I of this journey.

How the forgiveness journey begins: In week #1 (this week), Lama Marut asks us to look our pain square in the face. This might sound easy, but it does require the wisdom to know why it is essential in order to fuel our courage to take action. First, we must admit that we are actually in pain. Many spiritual practitioners are in denial of their pain, which retards their progress and prolongs their suffering. Read more

Finding Forgiveness

I cannot think of anything more deteriorating to our health, beauty and relationships faster than an unforgiving spirit. If happiness is a natural condition (as wise men and children tell us), it can sure come with a lot of work! In “Inciting Happiness” by Lama Marut, he takes us through a 5 week journey of intense personal transformation. Each part of the series has a theme, and is supported with the practice of a meditation, awareness and contemplation. It requires courage, tenacity, and a strong desire to end your own suffering. Read more

Will You Be Rich or Poor This New Year?

A poor man celebrates the New Year once a year. A rich man celebrates every day. The richest man celebrates every moment. How rich are you? – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Everything we strive to gain in life can be taken away – cars, house, jobs, money, health, loved ones. The greatest wealth we can ever attain is inner wealth, as it can never be robbed from us.  Ultimately, inner wealth squashes our suffering and gives us total freedom from within. It’s like having a boat to keep you afloat when lost at sea.  For many, it is much more than this; it is the most imperative quest in life.

Here are a few ways for us to find our inner riches and celebrate life much more this year: Read more