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Yoga of breath helps stress, depression, anxiety, happiness

How do you breathe when you're feeling angry? How do you breathe when you're feeling happy? How about when you're feeling anxious? Or when you're feeling depressed? How about when you're in love? This is why talk therapy can be limited in its effects. We can't fight the mind with the mind so easily. But you can change

Reasons you need to meditate

The more we meditate, the less negativity we carry around. Any agitation that does arise, it resolves more quickly. Meditation helps us clean up our internal environment so that we can move through events more easily and with less (or no) stress.

Pancha Kosha Meditation

Unmanaged stress is bad for your weight loss, bad for your brain, and it puts you in the market for botox before you know it. Feeling stressed about it? Well, there is good news. It nourishes your parasympathetic nervous system (the rest & digest nervous system), which gives our stress-responding sympathetic nervous system a *much

How to love yourself

(Listen to Maria's guest interview with me here.) Most of our parents didn’t have impeccable self-care habits that they then lovingly taught to us; teachers at grade schools are overwhelmed and overworked by large classes and a heavy-work load and besides, what subject area would encompass self-care? Where is a child supposed to learn how to

Why is Happiness So Elusive?

[Happiness] Most of the suffering in our lives is the result of an ignorant understanding in what we think will bring us happiness. Some would argue that all of our suffering is a result of this misunderstanding. So listen up, because this post will help you understand where happiness is and where it is not.

Forgiveness Action Plan

Weigh out the cost of happiness and freedom versus anger, blame, and misery. What is your life - your very short and precious time in this body - worth to you? Will you remain comfortable with this reality that you have always known, even if you know you aren't as happy as you could be? Or will you take the reins to your life back and steer yourself toward a joyful, peaceful, vibrant reality?

Finding Forgiveness, Part II

Please visit the last post "Finding Forgiveness" for Part I of this journey. How the forgiveness journey begins: In week #1 (this week), Lama Marut asks us to look our pain square in the face. This might sound easy, but it does require the wisdom to know why it is essential in order to fuel

Finding Forgiveness

We can't exactly get beyond our suffering until we examine it and understand it. And we can only be truly happy after we get beyond our suffering. Not taking the steps to free ourselves from our personal afflictions is like starving ourselves from love, from the nectar of life itself. We delude ourselves in believing that we are winning when we hold a grudge, or that being unhappy is somehow a sign of sophistication and success. These are prevalent and unhealthy delusions in our society!

Are You Meditating?

Meditation is beautiful. Every day, indulge in a few moments of silence. Allow yourself to cocoon away from the world and all of your senses. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Temporarily renounce your interest in seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching anything for the few moments of your meditation. Letting go of the world

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