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celiac disease

Gluten Class, Part 3: The Food Tube

Do you know exactly what happens to your food from the time it enters your mouth until the time your intestines go to town on it? In this video, Anne Buzzelli, MS, RD, shows us the fascinating journey that food takes through your digestive system. You'll discover how gluten affects your gut! In this

Gluten Class Part 2: Is Gluten Affecting Me?

How do you know if gluten is affecting you? Celiac and gluten sensitivity is on a spectrum. In this video, Anne Buzzelli, MS, RD helps you discover the answers to these questions and what you can do about it. Part 1 of this series is here. Because I have severe gluten problems with gluten, and

Gluten Class Part 1: Intro to Wheat

How could a common food we've been eating for centuries possibly be bad? In this video, Anne Buzzelli introduces us to wheat, gluten and tells us something many would call heresy, but could be a vital bit of information for your health! You may know that I'm passionate about gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease, as

The connection between gluten and pain

For those of us who have struggled with pain, we understand that getting it under control can be really challenging. Taking a pain pill may provide short-term relief, but it's not a smart long-term strategy. As a long-time migraine sufferer, I've discovered that nutrition and trigger foods play a huge role for me. Coffee triggers

Why is gluten making us sick?

If people have been eating wheat for thousands of years, how could it possibly be bad for us? Why is bread so addictive, making it feel hard to give up? How does gluten damage the body? In this podcast, Anne Buzzelli and I discuss the how roving gluten molecules go rogue on the body. Anne

Why is Gluten Causing Problems?

While the exact statistics are fuzzy, it's clear that Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are on a sharp rise in Western developed nations. We all seem to know someone (or be that someone) who is trying a gluten-free lifestyle - at least this is the trend in the United States. If you're wondering what's the

Before You Give Up Gluten, Consider Celiac

I wish I had taken the Celiac test and taken full labs BEFORE going gluten-free. At that time, I could not afford the litany of expensive tests without the help of insurance. In giving up gluten completely, much of my health regenerated. I found energy I thought I'd left in childhood. I built muscle mass

Is Dairy Setting You Up For Painful PMS?

It was a beautiful fall afternoon in Brooklyn.  I was spending the day window-shopping around the neighborhood when my phone rang.  It was a former patient of mine.  I had treated her pelvic pain as a physical therapist.  As a physical therapist, I treated pelvic pain symptoms with exercise, hands-on manual therapy, and other techniques

Little Miss Vitamin K

Meet Miss K. She is a mysterious nutrient that hides in fermented foods, dark leafy greens, herbs, and a bunch of other veggies. Until now, she’s an under-stated critical nutrient who's moving into the spotlight. Be the first to know about her magic in bone health, heart health, gut health, brain health and disease prevention.

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