Your company is losing profits when your employees aren’t healthy. Health = Profits.

I help companies increase profits. How? By helping your employees improve their performance, reduce their sick days, and reduce burnout. I help them engage their health differently and intelligently.

health_speakingI can help your company’s employees achieve the following:

  • Feed their brains for smarter performance and productivity;
  • Easily reduce their physiological stress so that they handle work and life more effectively;
  • Strategize concrete steps to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Invite me to present to your company and help strengthen your profits by improving employee health:

  • I fully customize each program to incorporate your company mission and values.
  • I take the time to uncover, and address the challenges of your company and its employees, helping create solutions that work for your unique needs.
  • I help your employees take responsibility for their health and well-being, and increase their motivation to take action.



The presentation that you ask me to present will be customized to your specific audience.

Here are some topics I offer that other audiences have loved:

  • Brain Food: Improve your professional performance through what’s on your plate. It will boost your personal life too!
  • How to escape the stress trap
  • Food, energy and mood: the secrets to being amazing at work and in life.
  • Sleep, An Essential Nutrient: How to improve it for life
  • Mindful eating: a joyful approach to nourishing your body, mind and life
  • Put out the fire: anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Detoxify your life: why and how to clean out your body, home, and life for optimal wellness
  • Reasons you aren’t losing weight (and what to do about it)
  • Your genes are not your destiny. How to change your genetic outcomes with small choices


What are the participants saying?

  • “I just wanted to let you know that [Frances] did a wonderful job. I was out of town but have only heard glowing remarks. She researched our company vision and tied that in with her presentation & stayed on topic. We would highly recommend her for future meetings.” Health & Wellness Plan Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company
  • “Love how you tied your presentation to our company vision. Well done, excellent information! Engaging speaker.” Amber
  • “Frances was amazing! Best presentation for the NSDA so far.”

Improving-professional-performance-through-smart-food-strategiesTell me about your event by answering a few questions here.
After I receive your questions, I will contact you.
Email: Info@NamasteNutritionist.com
Phone: 206.486.5108

What are the participants saying?

“Thanks for tying the presentation into the Weyerhaeuser vision.” – Allie

“Love how you tied your presentation to our company vision. Well done, excellent information! Engaging speaker.” – Amber

“Very helpful and easy to follow. Very motivating- great job!” – Jasmine

“Thank you for offering this! Lots of good ideas and nudges to keep moving!” – George

“Very interesting information. Speaker was knowledgeable on the subject and able to answer questions effectively… I learned several new things about diet and nutrition.” – Kim P.

“Super good material to present to anyone. Speaker very well-versed in her subject, which came out in answers to questions.” – Brandon Kendall

“Information I can use on a daily basis to improve health.” – Robert



Ten ways to escape the stress trap



Food Sensitivities, Food Allergies, & What You Need To Know



  • “Frances was amazing! Best presentation for the NSDA so far.”
  • “Frances is very passionate and a wonderful presenter!”
  • “Frances was a great speaker, this is a great topic, I really enjoyed it!”
  • “I appreciate receiving this detailed information on various types of food sensitivities, symptoms, testing methods, and current research.”
  • “Frances included so much information in her presentation that I will use in my practice.”
  • “It’s exciting that there are professionals who know about treating food sensitive patients!!!”

“The Orthorexic-Anorexic Dietitian”, my Stand-up Comedy Routine


Angelique Kidjo with me, after presenting at a United Nations Youth Summit


Some of the places where I’ve presented:

  • The Greater Seattle Dietetic Association (GSDA) – January 2015 – 1 CEU approved
  • Dietitian Central (Webinar with 88 attendees) – January 2015 – 2 CEUs approved
  • The North Sound Dietetic Association (NSDA) – December 2014 – 2 CEUs approved
  • The United Nations (UN) Youth Leadership Summit, representing the International Association of Human Values (IAHV)
  • Toastmaster’s International Regional Conference – May 2014
  • Weyerhauser – August 2014
  • Sound Health Physicians – 2013-2014
  • The Inter-Tribal Council Annual Convention, Sparks, NV
  • Reggae in the Park Festival, Reno, NV

My Mentors

Darren LaCroix, World Champion of
Public Speaking & Author


Ford Saeks, Nationally Awarded
Speaker & Author


Phone: 206.486.5108
Support [at] namastenutritionist [dot] com