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Turn Health Challenges Into Life Gifts

The journey in releasing unneeded weight can feel painful and demoralizing when we're constantly focusing on what's wrong about ourselves. Let the process of weight loss be a spiritual journey that’s making you whole and complete.  Here's an example from my own life:  When I discovered that gluten was a serious issue for my health

Five Tips To Avoid Weight Gain This Thanksgiving

The holidays are a beautiful time for F-words: feasts, family, and fun. This is also a period for an E-word: expanding waistlines. Starvation only leads to overeating. And that leads to digestive distress, weight gain, fatigue. Is that really how you want to spend your holiday? If not, then have a proper breakfast. Something like

I’m changing my weight success program. Here’s why.

Last month, dozens of you opened up and told me all about your weight struggles in an online survey. Many of you really took your time in sharing vulnerably, telling me all about some of your most painful thoughts and feelings related to your weight. You openly shared about your struggles in habits, emotions, and

Help shape my new weight success program + a gift for you

I'm working on bringing years of my professional weight loss coaching online so that more people can access my support. Plus, there will be community. Lots of it. I'm really jazzed! So many of you have told me that this is what you're seeking: something convenient, affordable, and online. If you are like the majority

11 ways to eat less sugar

Of course, we have no way of actually knowing exactly how much sugar our homo-sapien ancestors actually ate, and I'm not convinced that those exact amounts matter. What is clear is that sugar was a rare treat for those hardy hunger-gatherers. It was truly only found in-season fruit, root veggies, and rarely, honey. The average

Artificial Sweeteners Increase Your Blood Sugar, Weight, Sugar Addiction

The irony is that they appear to be doing exactly what people consuming them hope to avoid. What’s going on, and what can we do instead? A recent study, published in Nature magazine, caught some media attention. In this study, the researchers spiked drinking water of young mice with one of three artificial sweeteners: saccharine,

Herbs for a Natural Weight Loss Program

Are you interested in harnessing medicinal herbs’ healing properties for a natural weight loss program? I get asked pretty often which herbs specifically help with weight loss, so let’s jump right in and break down this great topic! The first thing I need to say is that if you are expecting herbs to lose all

Are Your Beliefs Making you Fat?

  She needed to improve her diet, get more active, yeah, yeah, yeah.  There was no point really.  She had seen her mother spend most of her life dieting, and what had it done for her? Just made her fatter. Belinda knew she had no willpower, plus, she loved her precious food. Besides, they gave

#11: Know Thyself, Know Your Microbiome

Can bacteria influence whether you acquire modern diseases, like diabetes, cancer, irritable bowel disease or obesity? The answer may lay in your personal ecosystem. You comprise trillions of bacterial cells living within you and all over you, known as "microbiota". There are more of them than there are of you. Most of them are quite

7 Ways to Avoid Crashing Your Weight Management Party

Holiday parties are lighting up homes and hearths in many places. And during this jubilant time of year, so many of us face the inner dilemma: how can I enjoy the holidays without crashing my weight management party?  First, weight management can be a party. Seriously, getting healthy is absolutely fantastic! Adopt this appreciation for

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Cookbook: Foods that Love You Back
Cookbook: Foods that Love You Back
This is my latest recipe collection of over 50-pages of real food ideas that are easy and delicious, and your whole family can love.
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