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Breakfast Nachos

I wake up hungry enough to eat an elephant's waist. On a good day, my breakfast might be a quesadilla, a piece of miso & bean toast,  a tamale, nachos, or any combination of these. Sometimes, I'm so nauseatingly hungry upon awakening that I mistake my pillow drool for an enticing sauce and I chew

Lightning Quick Pecan-Kale Quesadilla

Chronic over-scheduling is a habit I learned in college and am still learning to unlearn this habit.  Over-commitment also taught me how to be nimble and quick in the kitchen. Sometimes though, "nimble" + "quick" = blackened (burned) sandwiches because I decide that I can throw my clothing on while my sandwich is grilling. But

Simple Banana Tip

The next time your bananas are speckling into an over-ripened state, try this simple trick to buy yourself a few weeks of time before using them: Peel each banana Slice bananas into coin shapes, about 1/2-inch thick Freeze in a clear container - a freezer bag or an old yogurt container will work The next

Spices Your Oatmeal CRAVES

This screamingly delicious spice blend that has grown into my household's staple. I love spices because they flavor foods without threatening to leave its mark on your waste and hips. Any calories these spices add to your foods are negligible. What's more? These spices each offer a dose of preventive medicine. So spice it up!

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