7 Reasons To Practice Yoga Every Day

Guest post by Andrew You’ve heard of yoga before. Maybe you’ve even taken a class or two. But do you know the benefits of regularly including yoga in your lifestyle? As it turns out, you don’t have to be an ascetic or a spiritual seeker to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of this ancient discipline. In fact, no matter what your current level of fitness is, there’s a yoga class or routine out there that’s perfect for you. Here are seven reasons you should make yoga part of your everyday life. 7. Yoga can improve your sex life. Yoga

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9 Reasons Your Body Wants Beets

Beets have been a treasured vegetable throughout history. In Roman times, beet greens were widely enjoyed, and the beetroot itself was reserved for medicinal purposes only. Fast forward to modern times. Beet greens are typically thrown away by consumers who are unaware of their rich nutritional values. Beet root is enjoyed most frequently in the form of sugar beet, which provides sugar to numerous processed foods. Unfortunately, sugar beet is nowhere close to medicinal when it’s consumed in sugary processed foods.

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International Food Blogger Conference In Seattle

Where can you learn the fine art of food photography, take part in improvisational theater games, and fine tune your food blogging skills all while dining on the most delicious gourmet food that Seattle’s chefs can create? At the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle Sept 20-22! I’m looking forward to delving into all things food that weekend and who knows what new skills, tastes, and memories await me. An exciting annual event since 2009,

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