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Are you confused or frustrated with all nutrition fads? Are you ready to FEEL GOOD about your body and your weight? Do you want to feel confident and beautiful with your body? You’re in the right place! I help people improve their weight, improve their energy, their digestion, and their aches & pains – all with personalized, sustainable lifestyle coaching. I will work with your unique needs to help you adopt healthy habits that leave you energized and fulfilled. My clients transform their wellness from the inside-out. Here at Namaste Nutritionist, you will receive nutrition advice that supports deep health and lifestyle support. I work with individuals nationwide to greatly improve weight, energy, digestion, and well-being. Your health is your wealth. It’s what helps you make an impact in the world and in your life.

Weight Transformation

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Are you struggling to achieve lasting weight success? Are you finding that no matter how hard you try, something always sabotages your best diet plan? This program is for people who know they need to get a handle on their weight, but are overwhelmed and frustrated at what it takes to find a satisfying weight. [...]



Do you struggle with diarrhea, intestinal cramping, constipation, bloating, belching, reflux or large amounts of gas? All of these are symptoms of imbalance in digestive health. Your gut health is the foundation of all your organ health, including your brain, your cognition and your immunity. If your gut isn’t well, it’s just a matter of [...]