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Yoga of breath helps stress, depression, anxiety, happiness

For every emotion, there is a corresponding rhythm of breath.

Have you ever noticed to how your mind and emotions effect your breath? For example,

  • How do you breathe when you’re feeling angry?
  • How do you breathe when you’re feeling happy?
  • How about when you’re feeling anxious?
  • Or when you’re feeling depressed?
  • How about when you’re in love?

It can be very hard to change your emotional state by changing your thoughts.

This is why talk therapy can be limited in its effects. We can’t fight the mind with the mind so easily.
But you can change our emotions and thoughts by your breath.

An Introduction to Breath

Handling your own mind is one of the greatest challenges for humans.

Just look at how millions in the USA are under active treatment for depression or anxiety.

The breath plays a very important role in helping you handle your mind.

Helpful for depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleep

In fact, countless people have managed their depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and sleep with the breathing exercise I am talking about. The research has also been published several times, such as here here, and the videos below.

Sudarshan Kriya : (Powerful Breathing Technique) The Science of Breath

Breathing and meditation altered my adult life

In 1998, I learned the Sudarshan Kriya, which is a powerful breathing technique. Since then, I’ve come to rely on it for helping me through my most challenging times in life. It’s also helped smooth out the bumps and stress in daily life, allowing me to stay grounded under stress.

I believe that the practices I’ve learned in the Art of Living have been one of the most helpful elements of my adult life. The breathing alone helped me manage the stress of ongoing illness through my 20’s. It helped me with some other things that, until now, very few know about: I struggled through an abusive marriage for 6 years, three miscarriages, destabilizing teen years, an abusive workplace, a bankruptcy, and lots of shame. There was more, but you get the idea. Until I learned to better handle manage my stress and emotional state, I used drugs and food to deal with ongoing crisis.

Eventually, I came to rely on the Art of Living techniques to help me. It was more effective for me than any counseling therapy I tried. I don’t carry those experiences with bitterness. They are now just memories for me of a very colorful past.

That last point is exactly the gift what the Art of Living brings so many. In fact, tens of millions of people, in 155 countries, have studied these techniques.

Breathing, meditation and yoga teach you to let go

Yoga, by the way, is not just about yoga poses (asanas). Asanas (poses) are meant to prepare your body and mind for deeper experiences in meditation.

Yoga is a fully integrated path (for mind, body, spirit, emotions) that brings incredible relief to your mind, your nervous system, your body. It can relieve you of all your stressors by shifting your perception and reactions.

Check out this article about the Yoga of Breath to see what I mean.

Ready for more? Now you can experience the Art of Living breathing yourself!  

Learn the Sudarshan Kriya Technique

Yes, you can learn this breathing practice too!

Discover how lasting happiness works, no matter what storms you are facing in your life. You can’t always control our life’s events, but you can control your responses.

Instead of becoming old and bitter, watch your heart blossom and tensions fade.

What you’ll experience on this two-day course

  1. Learn the Sudarshan Kriya take-home practice and experience soothing meditation
  2. You’ll study in the presence of the world-renowned founder and spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
  3. You’ll leave the course feeling lighter, wiser, and energized. You’ll have a fresh outlook, new friendships, and powerful new tools for managing your stressors.
  4. This beginner program is only 2 days for $95. This is the first time I’ve seen it offered in such a convenient package. (Normally, this program is 5 days and the fee is $395.)
  5. In Seattle, I’ll be there as a volunteer. I would love to take this program with you!

See what cities in North America are hosting this course 

Get tickets for Seattle here

Why am I promoting this?

In case you’re wondering, I’m not an affiliate. I don’t receive any credit, or free entry, for promoting this program.

I’m a volunteer and I believe whole-heartedly in this work. I hope you’ll take the course and/or share it with your friends, neighbors, and family.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on CNN

USA make noise for peace – at the Art of Living World Culture Festival (March 2016)


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