7 Ways to Avoid Crashing Your Weight Management Party

Holiday parties are lighting up homes and hearths in many places. And during this jubilant time of year, so many of us face the inner dilemma: how can I enjoy the holidays without crashing my weight management party? 

First, weight management can be a party. Seriously, getting healthy is absolutely fantastic! Adopt this appreciation for the long-term rewards of your efforts, and your sacrifices will become easier.

Second, the holidays don’t have to crash your beautiful body. Here are a few tips to keeping your willpower and good judgment intact at the sweet, indulgent holidays gatherings.

  1. Remind yourself every day before going to where the temptations lurk: why is achieving my ideal body so important to me? Feel your reasons deep in your heart and belly, and they will help you to make the best decisions in every circumstance.
  2. Decide in advance how things will go. Depending on circumstances, you may need a backup plan for handling temptations, such as:
    1. Eat something in advance, so that you aren’t starving when you arrive;
    2. Bring a dish containing food you know you can eat;
    3. Stash a high-fiber backup snack in your bag, like an apple.
  3. Serve yourself on a smaller dish and with smaller utensils;
  4. Drink 8 oz water between cocktails & other beverages. In general, staying hydrated is important. The body will tell you its hungry when indeed you are thirsty. (Isn’t that convenient?);
  5. Exercise as early in the day as possible to avoid being pressured for enough time to get a workout completed;
  6. Reward yourself with non-food activities for a job well-done. Acknowledge your efforts in your success journal.
  7. Work with someone who will hold you accountable to your goals. This can be your spouse, your best friend, or me, your dietitian.

Now it’s your turn! Please tell me one or two of your top goals in the comments below. I want to hear from you because I want to support you. And show your love by sharing this post with someone who you know is trying to achieve their weight goals.

Big Holiday Hugs,



  • Thank you for these common sense and simple ro do suggestions! I believe many of us put far too much effort into unnecessary worry just because it is the holiday season..a mind game that shouldn’t have to be so daunting as you pointed out.

    I would like to ask your advice and recommendation pertainimg to artificial sweeteners for those of us who must avoid sugars. Do you have a preference or suggestion for any product when something needs just a little sweetness to it? :).

    Thank you for teaching your students realistic approaches to good health

    • Hi Happy One, Thanks for your kind remarks. I am not a fan of most artificial sweeteners because they are controversial in their safety for human health. While my reasons are fairly lengthy, the short answer is to try Stevia or Xylitol. They are low-glycemic sweeteners. In fact, you can grow Stevia as an herb in your garden.

      The best thing is to retrain your palate to enjoy sweetness found in nature’s own packaging. Eat fruit when you need a little extra sweetness. But you are right, sometimes you just need a little sweet kick. For that, I suggest adding herbs and spices, which not only taste good, but they offer tremendous phytonutrients in small amounts. Here are two posts you might like:

      Hope this helps!

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