I could never have done this without Frances . . .

“Before meeting with Frances I spent 8 years in pain, with a Fibromyalgia (FMS) diagnosis. Then I spent 5 years actively trying everything to lose weight. Assisted by Doctors, lab tests, even training sessions with 4 different people. No one could figure out why I couldn’t drop weight. The only thing that worked even a little was both time consuming, difficult and resulted in injuries.

Once I began my LEAP plan with Frances I was feeling improved immediately! Even the detox was not bad as so many of my other symptoms had left already. Within 2 weeks I lost 11lbs! Three months later I have lost 23lbs! I sleep through the night, my FMS aches and pains are virtually gone! But the thing I am most pleased with is the approach to food I have learned. It’s not what I can’t eat…. it’s the things I can! Frances opened a world of possibilities for food and none if it makes me hurt!

Frances worked with me at my level, there’s no judgment, only hope and options which makes me feel empowered! I made it through Christmas and all the holiday parties!!! Impossible for me… lover of sugar! Yet it happened, because I’ve felt supported and full of options! I could never have done this without Frances, I’ve watched friends try to juggle food allergies on their own for years, the support and knowledge Frances provides makes all the difference!!! Last year I felt out of options, I prayed and prayed for God to bring me answers and direction for my health, He brought me Frances!”