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weight loss

Stop dieting and start nourishing yourself

You think they need to deprive themselves of nearly everything you love to eat. But you also have to filter the sea of health advisors, all of whom advise differently with what to do with your health. Eat vegan! No, eat paleo. Follow Weight Watchers! No, use Intuitive Eating. Before you even start, you're confused, stressed and exhausted!

Help shape my new weight success program + a gift for you

I'm working on bringing years of my professional weight loss coaching online so that more people can access my support. Plus, there will be community. Lots of it. I'm really jazzed! So many of you have told me that this is what you're seeking: something convenient, affordable, and online. If you are like the majority

Mindful Eating: Eat by Choice, Not by Habit

Do you ever find yourself repeating the mantra "I will not eat junk food. I will not eat junk food." Then, at your next social event, you're diving in at the dessert table. Or, you go home for the holidays to your loving - and maybe a tad crazy - family. You've worked on reforming

Artificial Sweeteners Increase Your Blood Sugar, Weight, Sugar Addiction

The irony is that they appear to be doing exactly what people consuming them hope to avoid. What’s going on, and what can we do instead? A recent study, published in Nature magazine, caught some media attention. In this study, the researchers spiked drinking water of young mice with one of three artificial sweeteners: saccharine,

Herbs for a Natural Weight Loss Program

Are you interested in harnessing medicinal herbs’ healing properties for a natural weight loss program? I get asked pretty often which herbs specifically help with weight loss, so let’s jump right in and break down this great topic! The first thing I need to say is that if you are expecting herbs to lose all

Are Your Beliefs Making you Fat?

  She needed to improve her diet, get more active, yeah, yeah, yeah.  There was no point really.  She had seen her mother spend most of her life dieting, and what had it done for her? Just made her fatter. Belinda knew she had no willpower, plus, she loved her precious food. Besides, they gave

#16: The Secrets of Fat Loss

In this podcast interview that I recorded with the Fat Burning Man, we discuss his best tips for getting into top shape with nutrition and fitness. How are toxins preventing us from losing fat? How is inflammation keeping us fat? How do low-fat diets promote failure? How can we stay fit without a lot of

Super-Size Your Wallet + Smoothie Recipe

What's crazy about buying two pounds of organic strawberries for five bucks? Okay, obviously, the price. But what's crazy would be to buy the strawberries when bushels of them are oozing out of our garden beds. Then why on earth did I buy any more berries? For one, these are premium, seasonal berries that are in their

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