Easy, Fun Massaged Kale Salad Recipe

March 23, 2014

This massaged kale salad recipe is a winner for kids who love to get their hands into things! Kids who are involved in making vegetable dishes are more likely to eat them. It’s no wonder that kale is taking a central place on American plates, now. As part of of the Brassica family, kale is […]

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Easy Brussels Sprouts with lemon, cumin and ghee

March 5, 2014

Click here to see my video on how to make this easy and delicious dish. This recipe is darn tasty, as the Brussels are seasoned with lemon zest, cumin seeds, and ghee (recipe below). Part of the trick to Brussels sprouts and any Brassica (such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) is to have it properly cooked. […]

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Acorn Squash Stuffed with Quinoa

January 27, 2014

If you love quinoa, pesto and squash, you’ll love this simple recipe. I’m the queen of scrapping together dinner with random refrigerator loners. This is what resulted. Let me know what you think! Ingredients: 3-4 cups leftover quinoa (can also use barley, rice, amaranth, etc) 1/3-1/2 cup gluten-free pesto ½ chopped onion 1/3 cup cranberries […]

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Easy Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

January 16, 2014

They are no longer just the gag gift you bring to the office to stimulate water cooler talk. Chia seeds are now piled high on health food shelves, and consumers love them. Why? Well, chia seeds are mightily versatile and nutritious. Chia seeds add a terrific crunch to your post-workout smoothie. They are fun to […]

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Herbal decongestant recipe

December 5, 2013

Don’t let fall and winter illness get the better of you! Let nature’s powerful remedies help you out this cold and flu season! Follow this simple recipe.

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Sprouted Cilantro-Lime Hummus with Olive Oil

March 19, 2013

This scrumptious recipe is sure to send your taste buds sailing! Plus, I list the top nutritional benefits to each ingredient in the recipe. Garbanzos are more digestible, and arguably more nutritious, when sprouted and raw. I find that sprouted garbanzos don’t give me gas (TMI?) or tummy aches the way that canned garbanzos sometimes […]

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Super-Size Your Wallet

July 12, 2012

What’s crazy about buying two pounds of organic strawberries for $5? First, the price.  Second, bushels of strawberries and raspberries are oozing out of our garden beds. Why on earth would I buy any more berries? For one, these are premium, seasonal berries that are in their prime. Second, the cost is dirt cheap, compared […]

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Quinoa, Chard, Cranberry Squash – Anti-Cancer Foods

May 24, 2012

Cancer really pisses me off. Every time I learn of a friend, a colleague, or another patient who has cancer, it feels like a tragic, personal assault. This disease impacts friends, families, and communities. I feel saddened and offended at cancer’s senseless attack on beautiful life energy. I want to kick the crap out of […]

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Breakfast Nachos

May 20, 2012

I wake up hungry enough to eat an elephant’s waist. I’m not sure how good that would taste, but I do know that it would taste better than how my mouth tastes upon waking. Bleh! Bless the soul who invented tongue scraping! I also am also an oinker for salty, savory foods. On a good […]

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Simple Banana Tip

February 8, 2012

Simple tip: The next time your bananas are speckling into an over-ripened state, try this simple trick to buy yourself a few weeks of time before using them: Peel each banana Slice bananas into coin shapes, about 1/2-inch thick Freeze in a clear container – a freezer bag or an old yogurt container will work […]

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