International Food Blogger Conference In Seattle

Where can you learn the fine art of food photography, take part in improvisational theater games, and fine tune your food blogging skills all while dining on the most delicious gourmet food that Seattle’s chefs can create? At the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle Sept 20-22! I’m looking forward to delving into all things food that weekend and who knows what new skills, tastes, and memories await me. An exciting annual event since 2009,

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8 Ways Cloves Heal Us & How to Use Them

Cloves are great for your heart, digestive health, blood sugar, anti-inflammation and sexual health. The eugenol found in cloves may inhibit inflammatory progression in human cells, and IV infusions of clove has actually reduced lung cancer. Folk remedies use it for improving digestion, reducing flatulence, for coughing, and for teething or toothaches. It is a staple spice in many classic dishes in the US, India, Pakistan and China.

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#8: How Food Affects Your Mood

About 15 million Americans suffer depression each year, and antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medications. Clearly it’s an issue that touches so many people. But as an all-natural-kind of gal, I love to see research linking diet with depression. The general idea comes as no surprise, since most of us have learned in experiments with our own bodies that gobs of junk food usually means brain fog, moodiness and general discomfort. The Standard

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