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Thriving with Diabetes

It’s natural to feel that the diagnosis of diabetes is a real curse. If your diagnosis is new, it’s alright to give yourself time to grieve and process. But don’t stay in that space too long. In the case of diabetes, these lessons include adopting the healthy lifestyle factors that our bodies need. You know,

Releasing Subconscious Barriers: the Key to Health and Happiness

  Are you struggling with a health or personal issue that's getting in your way? Have you been told by your doctors that there's nothing that can be done? What if I told you that the solution is there, but it's stored in your subconscious mind? 97% of your brain’s processing is subconscious. This means


Buddha stated that happiness is not found in a set of circumstances, but is found in a set of attitude.  An easy way to find unhappiness is to grumble and complain about life.  When the mind is focusing on the positive with gratitude,  it is difficult to complain, and hence, happiness naturally flows through us.

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