How to Really Love Your Nasal Membranes

Oil & Massage Inside Your Nostrils

Betchya never saw this one coming! My little instructional video (below) will show you the HOW and WHY you really must join the rub-a-dub-inside-your-sinuses-club. Who can argue that healthy sinuses are happy sinuses? If this can really make happier sinuses, just imagine how it could enhance your Eskimo kissing! http://youtu.be/A20EFIP4iL8 If you like this video… Read More

Elevate Your Mind

What would help to elevate our consciousness and deepen our connection? Here are a few basic and effective pointers:1. A proper diet. Our food influences our mind. The Jain tradition has done much research on the effect of food on the mind. Ayurveda and Chinese systems and many other native systems the world over have… Read More

Get Nosy: Oil Massage Your Sinuses

Oil & Massage Inside Your Nostrils

Nasya is a technique from the Ayurvedic tradition. Its said to nourish the consciousness and prana, or life energy. Medicated Ayurvedic oils can be carefully cultivated with special herbs, and remedy a number of health ailments, such as congestion, hoarseness, headaches, migraines, emotions, as well as eye and ear problems.

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