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Starve Cancer With The Right Foods

My childhood girlfriend was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, stage III, at 30 years old.

Her nurses were shocked at her story because she had this terrible disease at such a young age. Most people diagnosed with colon cancer are at least 50 or older.
Nonetheless, Chelle is strong and spirited, and the nurses who help oversee her chemo love and adore her as though she were their own family member. I join these nurses in being deeply concerned for Chelle – and for others with cancer – and in praying for her full recovery.

Let’s explore together some of the many foods and lifestyle factors that help prevent cancer.

While we can’t control every variable that can lead to cancer, we can control many things.

Food and lifestyle are clearly demonstrated to have a big impact.

Check out the following video on foods that starve cancer. I’ve watched it several times and it continues to reveal new information each time.

Minute 12:01 he discusses what foods to eat. Minute 12:54 shows food list of cancer fighting foods.

Eat to starve cancer

Now, I’d love to hear from you:

  1. Are you eating any of these foods?
  2. Are you willing to incorporate any of them into your food routines?
  3. Do you have ideas for eating better, or do you need some encouragement?

Please share your thoughts below!



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  • Elaine F. Martinez

    As Chelle’s aunt I am also in prayer for her full recovery and could not agree with the food issue more! I think the huge increase in colon cancer shows quite plainly that this is something within the American diet and it can not only be beat but prevented through good nutrition!!!
    I am all for educating everyone on this topic.

    Elaine F. Martinez

  • Frances Arnold

    Glad to have your enthusiasm, Elaine! I hope you’ll stick around and we can learn together. =-)

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