Sinus relief for cold and seasonal allergy

Flowers. Butterflies. Bees. Ahhhh, that’s what we love about Spring!

Sneezing. Stuffy nose. Fatigue. Is this a cold or Spring allergies?

Spring has been in bloom here in Seattle since last month. That’s since February. Bees, flies, mosquitoes and yellow jackets have all sprung from their nests already. Already. It’s unreal!

If Spring hits you with allergies or a cold, you might find terrific relief with a neti pot.

I’ve created this video to help you see how to use one.

To make the neti pot extra refreshing, consider adding an essential oil, such as

There’s a secret for clearing your sinuses after using it, however, and most people are unaware of it.

After you’ve used the neti pot, you must clear the water thoroughly from your sinuses. If you don’t, you could be dripping water all day.

If you want to skip directly to this sinus clearing technique, watch it here (at minute 2:46)

It’s a breathing practice (pranayama) from Tibet, which is wonderfully energizing. It’ll have you feeling Spring-fresh, rather than Sprung-and-tired.

Maybe you have dry mucus membranes with a cold or with Spring allergies.

In this case, you’ll benefit from my video on oiling your sinuses (nasya). It’s a simple and very gentle practice. When I lived in the dry desert of Nevada, I oiled my sinuses every single day. It made a big difference.

How do you find sinus relief when faced with a cold or with seasonal allergies?


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