Remedies for Coping in Tragedy

Of the many uncertainties that tragedy leaves us with, I know one thing is true: we must be warriors in our daily lives.

In the wake of Boston bombings, just a few short months post-Newtown, we feel vulnerable, confused, angry and raw. Why is this happening? What’s wrong with this overcrowded, stressed, and unpredictable world? Many people say this is a world they do not want to live in, and this is a tragedy too. We all have important gifts to give, which can heal and grow the love that’s neglected in our hearts. But how can we fully give our unique blessings when we are lost in despair, anger and defeat?
My mission: Save the world with good food and love.
It’s human to experience dark, disgusted feelings. Despite this, we cannot afford to get lost in  a sea of negativity. Anger is the Siren that kills what’s lovely and precious in our hearts.

We must actively fight our tendency to take for granted what is good, pure, and beautiful about our lives. Become a warrior in the fight for your spirit and mind. You must consciously choose what you’ll let into your precious field of awareness. This starts with controlling the amount of media drama you’ll watch or read. You can’t fix everything, so avoid wallowing in what is beyond your control. I’m not saying be ignorant and put your head in the sand. But when you keep your love strong and stay centered, your presence will stabilize others. This is a huge service to humanity.

Start with what you can fix. That means start with you. You can fix your mind, fix your perception, and fix your love.

  • Is there someone you need to forgive? Do it now.
  • Have you shared your love and appreciation with your near and dear ones? Don’t wait.
  • Have you told your co-workers, teachers, and friends that they matter? Do it now.
  • Are you kind to strangers? Be kind, as each of us is fighting unseen battles.

Are you grateful or grumbling? You cannot be both simultaneously. The choice is yours.

Show your loved ones that they matter. This is my sister and nephew.

Show your loved ones that they matter. This is my sister and nephew.

Life is precious, short, and unpredictable. Remember your mortality. You don’t know if you will make it to tomorrow. None of us are guaranteed anything, so be grateful. Start prioritizing what matters: love and inner peace. Of all the things I don’t know about in life, I do know this: love and peace are worth pursuing. Everything – your health, your money, your reputation, your relationships can (and will) change.

Your love and inner peace are the only things that no one can take from you without your permission. But you must nurture them, or they will grow weak. When you are in a place of strength, you can bless the world and help forge the healing humans so desperately need. Won’t you join me in this cause?

Please share your love, starting here. What is important to you? If you lost everything tomorrow, what/who would have mattered in your life? Share that with me in the comments below, and tell me how you’re going to start prioritizing what matters.

Writing this post brought me to tears today. I hope you’ll share it.

With love and hugs,


When you're feeling down, offer a hug to someone else. It's incredible medicine!

When you’re feeling down, offer a hug to someone. It’s incredible medicine!


  • If I lost everything tomorrow it wouldn’t matter as long as family and friends were spared.
    My Prayers and Love to to all lives lost, injured or traumatized in yesterdays bombing in Boston.
    I have been teary all day for the carnage caused by unknown group or person(s). I couldn’t possibly begin to know what they are going thought.
    Forgiveness is hard isn’t it? Not sure how to handle it, I need to be more forgiving in my life. Maybe I should start with me??????

    Love and Hugs Frances to you and yours,


    • Hi Sharon, Thanks for your authenticity. Forgiveness is something that can’t be forced, and you’re right that it’s hard. I think it’s like a flower. First the seeds are planted (the idea of forgiveness). Then, we must take care of the soil. So pull weeds of negativity. Nourish ourselves with wisdom and compassion. Water with perspective (see it from someone else’s perspective). Ultimately, forgiveness is about compassion for ourselves and the ones we love. It’s not about the person we are forgiving. It’s about our willingness to love ourselves enough to drop the baggage that burdens us. But, as you alluded to, it’s a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it can’t be forced. Let the flower blossom in it’s own time. Just nurture and hold love for everyone you can, as you are doing. You are so brave, Sharon, for doing what you’re doing.

  • It is very difficult to let go of the anger and disgust that I feel as I see the hurtful things done to my fellow humans, our animals, our beautiful planet…reading your words also brought me to tears. I share your belief that now and only now is what is most important and precious and that we do need to protect ourselves from the anger. I am a “fixer” and feel helpless knowing that the things happening around us are out of my control. I will begin anew, today, and just feel the love and beauty and focus on that. There is so much to love…and I do. Thanks for making my day a better one.

  • Make your day a little better by reading this. Peace and happy WARM Saturday! 🙂

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