Does Your Relationship Yearn for Love and Passion?

It’s my anniversary!! This week, I’m celebrating that I married my best friend one year ago. We married last summer in Lake Tahoe, and we’re still having a blast together. In honor of all things love, I’m interviewing an amazing expert on love and passion. We’ll talk Stacey Martino, love and passion expert at, where couples create an unshakable love and unleashed passion that lasts a lifetime!

Stacey and I talk about how a loving relationship with your partner is fundamental to enjoying a happy and healthy life. Stacey’s 17 years experience in personal development helps us understand that the only love we fail to feel is love we fail to give.  Stacey helps us understand why we must put our partner first and stop playing the 50/50 game. Plus, you’ll hear about what Mike and I do when we shower together. (wink! wink!)

As a gift for Namaste Nutritionist podcast listeners, Stacey is giving you a special free offer called “5 Things You are Doing Right Now That Are Zapping the Passion Right Out of Your Marriage and How to STOP it!”. You can get the link at the podcast notes, which is unique for listeners of this show. You’ll find the link here:

Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Coach

Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Coach

Stacey Martino is a love and passion expert at, where couples create an unshakable love and unleashed passion that lasts a lifetime!

Stacey and her husband Paul created their magnificent love affair and together developed their proven Eight Step Relationship Transformation System™ for helping couples to create their own unshakable love and unleashed passion! In this interview, Stacey walks us through her eight step Relationship Transformation System™.

Stacey began in personal development over 17 years ago.  She is trained and certified as a Marriage Educator, Divorce Preventionist, Strategic Interventionist and Coach by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes of the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.

In February of 2013, Stacey and Paul launched Love and Passion Coach Virtual University’s Relationship Transformation Program™.  The Virtual University provides an even more accessible and affordable way for Stacey and Paul to share their Eight Step Relationship Transformation System™ with couples all around the world.

Stacey and Paul are consistently sought after to help couples all around the world repair and transform their intimate relationships through coaching, speaking, workshops, events and their Love and Passion Coach University Programs.  They are known for helping couples achieve astounding and rapid results!  Stacey and Paul live and love happily together in Bucks County PA with their two small children!


  • Whooo Hoooo! I'm so grateful for the opportunity Frances! I had a total blast during this interview with you and I'm so thrilled to share so much incredible content with your listeners! Sending love!

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