New Clients

First, have you scheduled your appointment?

Forms for your appointment:

  1. You will receive a secure online form to complete in your email. Please complete this form within 7 days of receiving it.
  2. My Symptom Questionnaire (make sure your pop-up blocker is not on so that you can open and download the file)

Are you investigating digestion issues or food sensitivities?

Please scroll to the end of this page for more information on food sensitivities testing.

At your first appointment, please bring with you ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Any of your medical labs;
  2. All of your completed forms (from above);
  3. Your insurance information (see next section);
  4. Your payment or co-payment
    1. Cash, check or Bit Coin are preferred;
    2. Credit or debit transactions are also welcomed.


Are you planning to use insurance? Here’s what you need to know.

Contact your insurance company before your first visit. It is beneficial to you to understand your benefits because you are responsible if your insurance does not pay.- How many nutrition visits you are permitted per year (or lifetime) with your plan

  1. What are the allowances for preventive visits? How about for visits based on medical necessity?
  2. What are your co-pays/co-insurance, if any?
  3. How much is your deductible, and how much of it have you met?
  4. Do you need a physician€™s referral to see a Dietitian? (this is not very common)
  5. What is the reference number for this call? (you’ll want to keep this in a safe place)

Namaste Nutritionist cannot interpret your benefits for you – this is something we urge you to ask your insurance company. Knowledge = power. =0)

Your nutrition appointment is located in Snohomish County:

Inside of Sound Health Physicians (this is a separate business from Namaste Nutritionist)
18631 Alderwood Mall Parkway #304
Lynnwood, WA 98037
Phone: 206.486.5108
Fax: 206.331.4193

Additional resources for you:

You will be invited to join the newsletter for clients. You will receive access to motivational emails and numerous member-only resources. Keep an eye out in your spam or promotional folder for these emails, as you must confirm your subscription to them in order to receive.

In agreeing to work together, you agree to these ground rules:

Some rules are fun to break, but others are costly. If you respect these rules, it will save both of us time, money and energy. Let’s keep our relationship clean and friendly by agreeing to these ground rules.

  • If you do not bring completed forms to the appointment, this will shorten your visit, as it means you’ll be filling out these forms during your appointment time.
  • If you do not bring your insurance card or physician’s referral (if this is required by your insurance), you cannot be seen. Insurance has strict rules that must be followed.
  • You will be charged $50 for appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours of appointment time, as this is time someone else could have been served. (Ouch. Let’s just avoid this one.)

Additional Information for Blood Draws (For LEAP/MRT clients):