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Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis with Primal Nutrition

The Pacific Northwest, where I live, has a higher prevalence of MS than almost any other place in the world. One of my friends, Laurie Erdman, is managing her MS with nutrition and lifestyle design. When I hear about MS, my ears perk up because I want to help the people around me.

Dr. Terry Wahls  made a remarkable rebound from her rapidly debilitating Multiple Sclerosis without drugs. She learned to eat nutritiously and provide nutrition for her cellular health, which changed the course of rapidly declining health. She transformed from wheelchair-bound to riding a bicycle. Dr. Wahls discusses how primal nutrition – eating the way our ancestors ate –  changed the course of her health in huge ways.

She discusses eating for her mitochondria. Mitochondria supply cellular energy. They are involved in cell signaling, cellular differentiation, and cell death. They also help control the cell cycle and cell growth. Their contributions to our health are enormous.

Please share this with anyone you know who has an autoimmune disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

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  • John Marshall

    I have just been diagnosed with an auto immune problem, and I am too using a primal diet to control my symptoms

    • Bronwyn Reading

      I also follow a primal diet, love it!!

    • Frances Arnold

      Hi John, I’d love to know more about how the primal diet is helping you manage your symptoms. Stay in touch, if you can, and drop me a line from time to time. Best wishes!

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