Mindful Eating: Eat by Choice, Not by Habit

Do you ever find yourself repeating the mantra “I will not eat junk food. I will not eat junk food.”

Then, at your next social event, you’re diving in at the dessert table.

Or, you go home for the holidays to your loving – and maybe a tad crazy – family. You’ve worked on reforming your eating habits, because you want a trimmer waist and more energy. But they don’t understand food reform. They encourage – or maybe pressure – you to eat like them, the way you always have.

You don’t want to be the outsider. “C’mon, you’re part of the clan! Don’t be a food snob, now.” Maybe it’s not said, but you feel the pressure from within yourself.

Whether it’s because of emotions, fatigue, peer pressure, or bad habits, it’s all too easy to find yourself derailed from your best food intentions. Sigh.

Before you know it, are enjoying a second helping of Mom’s bacon mac and cheese, and slurping down large Root beer floats.

This is exactly what mindful eating addresses. You can be stronger and more in control when you understand the subconscious forces that are driving you.

Sound good? We can do even better.

Combine mindful eating with non-violent communication (NVC), and now you have more skills to VOICE your needs and desires to those around you.

You will also have the edge of extra insight into subtle feelings and triggers that drive your behavior. This all helps you shift your habits and autopilot behaviors more effectively.

Now THAT sounds awesome, right!

Sylvia Haskitz, eat by choice

Mindful eating and Nonviolent Communication skills give you an unfair advantage in reaching your weight loss and health goals.

In this podcast, join me and Sylvia Haskvitz, RD, author of “Eat by Choice, Not by Habit”. We explore ways to help you make mindful eating a way of life with the following:

  1. How you can meet your personal needs without feeling like you’re taking away from those around you
  2. How you can satisfy your family’s needs while still being true to yourself;
  3. Are you hungry physically, or hungry emotionally?
  4. How you can enjoy food without guilt;
  5. How you can build a healthier relationship with food that is more fulfilling;
  6. What is the connection between Nonviolent Communication and eating;
  7. How you can easily and joyfully eat more mindfully;
  8. Why you might struggle with eating issues.






About Sylvia Haskvitz: Sylvia is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 1989. Her master’s degree in Speech and Communication Studies had an emphasis on Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication. She has been a registered dietitian since 1983. You can find Sylvia at her website here.



Now I want to hear from you:

  1. What’s the most difficult piece for you with mindful eating?
  2. How has mindful eating helped you get closer to your personal health goals?

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  • OMG! great conversation here! I think i fall into ‘habits” with my eating during the day. I don’t plan out my lunches the way I do the dinners with the family. Sometimes these habits are really good ones… other times, not so much!

  • As a recovering emotional eater, I know that I have to be mindful of the habit of eating mindlessly. Thank you for this article. Combining mindful eating and NVO is something new to consider, particularly at this time of the year.

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