How YOU Can Impact Food & Water Legislation

Keeping up with bills passing Congress can be something of a full-time job. And the bills Congress passes affects every aspect of our lives, whether we understand it or not.

How are we to keep up with congressional legislation, and talk to our representatives about our concerns, when keeping up is a demanding (if not nearly impossible) task? Worse, how do the people make their voices heard when new legislation favors the rich and powerful, and not the everyday citizen?

In this podcast, I catch up to Jennifer Briney, hostess of “The Congressional Dish”. I ask her to help break down the food and water legislation that is currently up for serious debate in the House of Representatives. Jennifer is enormously passionate, and she dishes up helpful insights regarding what the House is looking at passing (or killing), and what it means for YOU and ME, dear ordinary citizens. She disseminates inspiration and hope for how we – the average, non-wealthy, non-corporation citizen – can talk to our representatives and make a difference in the law-making process.

What we address:

  • What was the “Monsanto protection act”, and how did it happen?
  • How does the food bill work (gen overview)? Can you highlight some of the biggest topics at stake?
  • What is the Trans Pacific Partnership? How is this potentially risky to citizens?
  • Which committees address safety of water, and what are they currently saying about fracking?
  • Who are the consumers best allies in terms of protecting our food and water? How would you recommend that we talk to them (letters, phone calls, etc)?
  • How can the avg person understand food legislation and stay more informed (in light of all the ways that life gets overwhelming)?
  • What is your advice to consumers about staying engaged and about fact-finding?
  • The healthcare reform is very confusing.Tell us about what you’re covering on your podcast to help us understand it better?

Shortly after completing this interview with Jennifer, she tweeted me the next day to tell me that the Monsanto Protection act was killed in Congress. Phew!

Twitter shot

Jennifer Briney from

Jennifer Briney from

Who is Jennifer Briney? Jennifer Briney is the host of Congressional Dish, a weekly podcast highlighting the bills that pass the U.S. House of Representatives. She is passionate, smart, and believes in citizen power for transforming our government to protect the people (not the rich and powerful). I recommend that you check out her podcast here.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Congressional Dish episode CD036: The Factory Farm Bill 
Note: This is the House’s version of the Farm bill; it is now in committee where it will be merged with the Senate’s bill into whatever the law will likely become.
Congressional Dish episode CD048: The Affordable Care Act

Trans Pacific Partnership

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