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Dogs Catch Fleas; Birds Catch Rainbows

Happiness and misery are greatly influenced by the company you keep. Think about the last time you sat around gossiping with people. Even if you just listened in without participating, your mood was impacted. How did you feel? Were you uplifted and energized by the experience? Of course not. ,

When the people you are around speaking harsh, negative, and damaging words, it affects you mentally, physically, emotionally. You then go on to share that negativity with others in your life and it spreads like a nasty virus. Is this viral impact okay? It drains the life out of you and contributes to the misery in your world.

On the contrary, think about the last time you commiserated with someone about something about which you felt very happy, such as your new job, house or relationship. Perhaps you spoke of simpler things, like the sheer beauty of a mountain or a lake. How did you feel then? Did you experience more energy and enthusiasm for life? At the least, surely you can agree that when your mind is in a positive state, it is harder to be perturbed by events. But when your mind is in a negative state, trivial events are more bothersome.

The people whom you surround yourself with will impact whether you are in a negative or positive state. Even if no words are exchanged, the energy of each person’s mood can be felt, as it impacts the whole environment. While we can’t (and shouldn’t) entirely avoid grim or unpleasant company, we can make an effort to spend more time in the company of those who are wise, uplifting, and light-hearted. This is known as ‘satsang’ or keeping the ‘company of the wise’, and is regarded as one of the most important things that any person can do in life.

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