Buddha stated that happiness is not found in a set of circumstances, but is found in a set of attitude.  An easy way to find unhappiness is to grumble and complain about life.  When the mind is focusing on the positive with gratitude,  it is difficult to complain, and hence, happiness naturally flows through us.

Nature is  very kind to us. Whichever attitude we choose, complaining or celebrating, nature reflects back to us exactly what we are seeking. Our mentality is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hence, we manifest our own destiny.


You’ll need a pen and paper, preferably from a personal journal, and a timer. Take stock of whatever you are unhappy about.  Give yourself up to ten minutes. Pour your heart out. No censuring. Just empty yourself. Fold it up and give it to God (or the Great Spirit, the Universe, or just the Fireplace). Let it go to a power bigger than yourself.

Next, write down ten things for which you are grateful. If it is difficult for you, then get specific. You’re grateful for your health? Spell out the details, as health can be found everywhere – the heart, the lungs, the brain, the mind, the hands, the toes, the five senses, etc. You’re grateful for your friends? Write down who, and why. Get it?

Do this today. When you’re done, return to this blog for another exercise to challenge the inner curmudgeon into breaking a grin.


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