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Finding Forgiveness

I cannot think of anything more deteriorating to our health, beauty and relationships faster than an unforgiving spirit. If happiness is a natural condition (as wise men and children tell us), it can sure come with a lot of work! In “Inciting Happiness” by Lama Marut, he takes us through a 5 week journey of intense personal transformation. Each part of the series has a theme, and is supported with the practice of a meditation, awareness and contemplation. It requires courage, tenacity, and a strong desire to end your own suffering. This particular teaching is taken from Buddhist context, and I believe that these lessons are non-secular in that they are powerful and important for all humans, regardless of religious beliefs. My intention is to invite you into this journey so that we can all be happier beings, which will bring happiness to those around us. Every week, I will post my personal notes from the weekly podcasts, with links, and notes from my personal journey. My goal is to create a community of love and support for transforming our lives with wisdom from masters and ancient traditions.  Are you ready to learn more?

Why do this work?  We can’t exactly get beyond our suffering until we examine it and understand it. And we can only be truly happy after we get beyond our suffering. Not taking the steps to free ourselves from our personal afflictions is like starving ourselves from love, from the nectar of life itself. We delude ourselves in believing that we are winning when we hold a grudge, or that being unhappy is somehow a sign of sophistication and success. These are prevalent and unhealthy delusions in our society!

Life is short and none of us know when our turn will come to die. Why would you waste your precious life energy by spending it on anger, resentment, and delusion? Why would you consciously or unconsciously chain yourself to a rotting, diseased tree? This is exactly what you are doing when you continue to live as though anger and resentments are inconsequential, or worse, virtuous. When you are unaware that you are holding on to them, you cannot change them, and they feed on your spirit like cancer feeds on cells.

Life is impermanent and we have very little time to actually get things right in life and find true happiness. Knowing this helps us to appreciate that our time and energy is precious. We can stop taking the miracles of life and love for granted by opening our eyes and our hearts. We can start doing this by stop killing our precious time and energy and by focusing on things that connect us with our loving, peaceful, jubilant nature.

To Health and Happiness,


This practice is emerging from Lama Marut’s free podcast: “Inciting Happiness, Part I”

Lama Marut website

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  • Wes Waltenspiel

    Frances; so nice to read your blog on Forgiveness and Happiness! Thank you for always working to make life a more enjoyable journey and reminding us that the good work involved is both necessary and rewarding!

    • Frances Arnold

      Hi Wes,

      Thanks for reading! I worried that the post might be too long for some people . . . I could hardly contain myself and keep it skinnier. Will you join me in the forgiveness challenge?

      • Wes Waltenspiel

        I will be reading along; and praying for forgiveness. Thank you very much.

        • Frances Arnold

          Awesome, Wes! I’m glad you’re on the journey with me. It’s nice to have company. =-)

        • Frances Arnold

          Awesome! Thanks for being a part of this. It’s great to have the company. =-)

  • ram0ram

    Reblogged this on ram0ram note book.

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