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Laurie Erdman

Has your energy abandoned you, leaving only a memory of better days? Bummer-deal energy or bad news health don’t have to conclude your fate! Here are simple, fool-proof strategies to for reclaiming your super-charge by fueling our body, mind and purpose every day.

Meet our expert

Laurie Erdman knows the story of fatigue and ill-health. What’s amazing is that she turned her MS diagnosis into an opportunity to re-write her health story. Once a high-powered attorney, she is now a health crusader, helping people rewrite their own health stories. In this interview, she talks shop with me on a lot. Here is a sample of what we cover in under an hour:

  • how drinking lemon water is one of the best things in the morning;
  • the relationship between stress and sugar addiction, and how to work through it;
  • tricks to reducing emotional eating (hint: create a non-food nourishment list);
  • factors that play into fatigue and simple tweaks to improve energy;
  • combating inflammation;
  • making exercise fun;
  • how to slow down without missing out on fun;
  • radical self-care and overcoming the “disease to please”

 Post-Interview: Apply what we’ve learned:

As a result of this session, let’s take the next few moments to reflect on one or two things that you can start doing to improve your energy. Let’s take some easy examples, like sleep, sugar and exercise.

  • Sugar – Do you consume too much sugar? Many people are surprised to learn that more than 6 grams – or a couple of teaspoons- of added sugar each day probably too much.
  • Exercise – Do you need to exercise more, but haven’t yet made the time for it or found an exercise style that you really enjoy? How can you make time for it? What is a physical activity that you might enjoy doing?
  • Sleep – Do you need to sleep more? If so, look at what’s interfering with achieving healthy sleep patterns. For many of us, it’s simply that we are over-committed.

Examine how you can tweak to improve your energy right away.

Here are a few of my personal requirements in order to burst with energy:

  • I require 8 hours of sleep to have a productive, emotionally stable day.
  • In order to sleep well, I also need regular exercise, even if it just means taking the dog out for a brief walk.
  • I perform better mentally when I practice breathing exercises and meditation daily.
  • Being around negative people is seriously draining to me, so I strive to spend time with people who are upbeat and encouraging.

What to do with your excuses:

You may find yourself making excuses, such as it’s too hard, or I don’t have the time, or my boss or partner won’t let me. When this happens, realize that it is an opportunity to explore creative options within your present limitations. Here are a few ideas:

  • Consider hiring a coach to help you powerfully reframe your current life circumstances and find workable solutions.
  • Sign up for Laurie’s newsletter or free ebooks for simple tips to improve your energy. I’ve found her tips to be insightful, helpful, and easy to implement.

Plug your time drains:

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but we all choose to use it differently. Sometimes, the tweaks we need to make are as simple as plugging time gaps in our schedule. Running errands are a big drain on my time. I cluster my errands so that it requires fewer trips to achieve the same amount of progress. I avoid rush hour traffic as much as possible. I recently made a large life tweak by systematically adjusting my work commitments, which allowed me to reduce my commuting time by working from home more frequently.
Involve friends, family, and work when creating solutions.  For example, if you believe that you don’t have the time to exercise, evaluate how you can creatively fit it into your day.

  • Take your walking shoes to work and walk briskly at lunch or on a break.
  • Do lunges while muted on a conference call.
  • Practice yoga stretches while viewing a webinar.
  • Take the kids and spouse on an after-dinner walk to connect and de-compress.
  • When a friend wants to meet up for lunch, suggest meeting up for a walk in the park or a hike instead. It will likely take the same amount of time, cost less, and be more rejuvenating.

Staying committed to tweaks:

Once you’ve decided what you need to do, declare your intentions to a trusted friend or partner. Ask for their support in helping you keep your commitment. You will likely inspire that person to make a positive change too.

Daydream about how much your energy and quality of life will improve as a result of positive changes. By connecting to the reasons behind your efforts, you will stay motivated. Drop by the blog at and let me know. I want to hear from you and support you.


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