Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Weight


Are you stuck in the dieting rat race? 

Diets can lead to a vicious cycle of painful deprivation (followed by binges), a worn out body, and pummeled psychology.

And when your psychology takes a beating from repeated weight regain, or from weight loss failures, you become trapped.

Maybe you didn’t know just how much your thoughts impact your weight.

Or that dieting doesn’t have to equal dying of deprivation and summoning dogged discipline.

All of these are unsustainable recipes for failure. And these are what make dieting overwhelming and negative.

Dieting can trigger a very negative relationship with your body. It takes a toll on your self-esteem. And it is damaging to your physiology.

Is it time to re-evaluate how you approach your weight and health? Can you approach it from a place that builds you up and makes you happier from within?

In this episode, health coach and nutrition expert, Maria McConville unravels the importance of eating, sleeping, and critical thinking in the process of developing a healthy mind, body & spirit.

Join us and discover that you CAN end the dieting rat race!


In the comments below, please tell me:

  1. What has worked for you to improve your weight?
  2. What has frustrated you about your weight?
  3. If you could improve one health habit right now, which would it be?

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