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“Frances has this wonderful spirit of joyfulness…"

“Frances has this wonderful spirit of joyfulness, and she encourages that open-heartedness in her students. What is so great about her teaching is that she does this in PRACTICAL ways. . . I like getting specific tips, tools, instructions on how to be kinder . . . how to be more grateful, how to be

"Frances is a joy to be around."

“Frances is a joy to be around. She helped me with my Yoga Teacher Training in 2009, and also has consistently been a huge motivation in my meditation, kriya, and Art of Living course. I don’t know how I could have survived my stressful college life without the knowledge and ancient wisdom she shared with

"I am honored to call her my friend and colleague."

“Frances was only sixteen when she first came to me as a student of yoga. Although I am only one of her many teachers, I have been blessed to watch her blossom into an amazing and inspirational teacher of this beautiful knowledge. . . I am honored to call her my friend and colleague.” –

"Frances is my favorite yoga teacher."

“Frances is my favorite yoga teacher. She has such a sweet, genuine, fun presence. . . She’s so in touch with the deep well of bliss that’s just under the surface. She helps inspire her students to tap into that source of joy and let it erupt onto the surface. I really appreciate her gentle

"Frances is my favorite instructor"

“Frances is my favorite instructor because she incorporates touch into yoga  . . .and she offers awesome analogies for the motions during breathing exercises. . . Her style of instruction is highly adaptive to any given class’ needs. I really, really miss having her in Reno!!!! Despite my search for a good replacement, there is

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