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"Frances is my savior."

Frances is my savior. She quickly and rightfully got to the bottom of the issue I was dealing with. She is thorough when it comes to explaining the cause of the issue and what can be done to mitigate the same. She is true healer and a wonderful soul. My life quality has improved dramatically.

"I have a toolbox of strategies for healthy eating."

"After Frances's weight-loss program, I have a toolbox of strategies for healthy eating. If you are starting on a weight-loss journey, or looking to fortify your weight-loss journey, Frances's weight-loss program can give you tools that will help every step of the way." - K.S., Seattle      

"I’m a much better person, full of energy…"

Before I met Frances Arnold-Johnson, I was plagued with constant fatigue, constipation, bloating, migraine, and illness (i.e. cold & flu).   This was going on for a very long time.   I went to a few doctors to find out why I was plagued with these symptoms and tried various methods (drinking enough water, getting

“For about 20 years I have tried everything possible…"

For about 20 years I have tried everything possible (acupuncture, medications, physical therapy, massage, and a large array of testing) to try and find out what was going wrong and to try and ease my physical pain. By the end of the first week, I was feeling very little joint pain. Frances helped me to

“The time I have spent with Frances Arnold has changed my life."

I was on the fat-track- to-an-early-demise paved with processed food. Frances helped me choose a new path bordered with fresh fruits and vegetables. The information Frances shared with me enhanced my awareness of the benefits of good nutrition. Her realistic approach and practical suggestions encouraged me to adopt the healthier living style in now enjoy.

“Francie truly embodies the spirit of yoga."

Francie truly embodies the spirit of yoga. Being a part of “students leading students through yoga” at the University, Francie . . . gave me excellent feedback when I practiced teaching classes for the first time. She is a remarkable teacher. . . –Alison Martin      

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