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The Art of Self-Love

Updated Feb 25, 2016 (Originally published Nov 28, 2012) A riddle for you. What's one thing that allows happiness to blossom, makes health flourish, and can make you cry like a puppy lost in the snow? You guessed it. Love! Okay, but enough about non-specifics. Your parents, teachers, and Sunday School teachers probably didn't do the

The Secrets to Keeping Love & Passion Alive

When they entered the room together, they radiated an aura of love for each other that made it hard not to watch them. A passion that sparkled. When I met Stacey and Paul Martino, I learned that they weren't newly-weds. They had been married for over 10 years, and were raising two children! Aren't people

Love & Passion Relationship Coaching

Take an honest look at your intimate relationship. Is it missing passion, alignment, engagement, or support? Does your relationship feel like it's missing that electric energy, which was there in your first months or first years together? Are you settling for boring and disconnected, believing that this is how all relationships end up? Even worse,

Remedies for Coping in Tragedy

Of the many uncertainties that tragedy leaves us with, I know one thing is true: we must be warriors in our daily lives. In the wake of Boston bombings, just a few short months post-Newtown, we feel vulnerable, confused, angry and raw. Why is this happening? What's wrong with this overcrowded, stressed, and unpredictable world?

How to love yourself

(Listen to Maria's guest interview with me here.) Most of our parents didn’t have impeccable self-care habits that they then lovingly taught to us; teachers at grade schools are overwhelmed and overworked by large classes and a heavy-work load and besides, what subject area would encompass self-care? Where is a child supposed to learn how to

Forgiveness Action Plan

Weigh out the cost of happiness and freedom versus anger, blame, and misery. What is your life - your very short and precious time in this body - worth to you? Will you remain comfortable with this reality that you have always known, even if you know you aren't as happy as you could be? Or will you take the reins to your life back and steer yourself toward a joyful, peaceful, vibrant reality?

Finding Forgiveness, Part II

Please visit the last post "Finding Forgiveness" for Part I of this journey. How the forgiveness journey begins: In week #1 (this week), Lama Marut asks us to look our pain square in the face. This might sound easy, but it does require the wisdom to know why it is essential in order to fuel

Are You Meditating?

Meditation is beautiful. Every day, indulge in a few moments of silence. Allow yourself to cocoon away from the world and all of your senses. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Temporarily renounce your interest in seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching anything for the few moments of your meditation. Letting go of the world

Love is a practice

If you are not capable of generating that kind of energy toward yourself- if you are not capable of taking care of yourself, of nourishing yourself, of protecting yourself- it is very difficult to take care of another person. In the Buddhist teaching, it's clear that to love oneself is the foundation of the love

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