Gratitude and Blessings During Hard Times

Recently, I shared my unlikely birth story (read about it here) that involved nearly 40 days of hospitalization. While it was shocking, a bit frightening, and challenging, my husband Michael and I never lost sight of the many miracles that were upon us. We are deeply grateful. Michael and I are enormously blessed.  In fact, I was so happy to share things were going better than they could have that people didn’t realize just how many challenges we faced for a while. If you don’t mind, I’d love to share these blessings with you: Baby and I lived! Neither of

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Guided meditation to reduce stress, calm the mind

People who meditate regularly report that meditation helps increase happiness, joy, enthusiasm, stress-resilience, and efficiency in work. Researchers report  meditation benefits our mental health by reducing depression, anxiety and cognition. Studies show it increases gray matter in the brain in ways that helps you better control your thoughts and reactions. It might help you stave off dementia because your brain ages slower with regular meditation.

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