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How to Find Fresh Olive Oil

The trouble is that many olive oils in the United States are old, tainted, or rancid. This means that the olive oil might be mixed with another oil by unscrupulous dealers. Or that it is old and rancid, rendering the healing polyphenols as no bueno. A recent study at UC Davis Olive Center demonstrated that

8 Ways Cloves Heal Us & How to Use Them

Cloves are great for your heart, digestive health, blood sugar, anti-inflammation and sexual health. The eugenol found in cloves may inhibit inflammatory progression in human cells, and IV infusions of clove has actually reduced lung cancer. Folk remedies use it for improving digestion, reducing flatulence, for coughing, and for teething or toothaches. It is a staple spice in many classic dishes in the US, India, Pakistan and China.

How You Can Set Smarter Goals

If you're like me, you might set lofty goals that are tough to reach in the given time-frame! Both problems erode confidence in yourself. Thankfully, there are intelligent solutions to these problems. By using a smarter strategy, you can you plan to avoid that painful problem of failing to reach your goals. This year, resolve

#7: Ten Toxic Ingredients In Your Personal Care Products

It might list that 98% of its ingredients as organic, but fail to mention the other 2% as toxic. As a consumer, how would you know which ingredients are safe and which are harmful? Many ingredients aren't listed in blends, such as in fragrances used in perfumes, soaps and shampoos, because the information is considered

#4: Give Your Meal the Sparkle Appeal

Are your meals delighting the eyes, or could they use some sparkle and shine? Lean into this conversation, where professional Food Stylist, Rachel Sherwood, unpacks tricks and techniques for making a yummilicious meal. She will help your meals (and mine) evolve from ordinary grub to an eyeball-ishious extravaganza. In this podcast, Rachel Sherwood shares her

Awesome Road Trip Foods

When I was a kid, I remember taking a road trip with my best friend Amy's family. It seemed so entertaining to spray cheese whiz into our mouths and chasing it down with soda. We munched on Keebler Elf cookies - the frosted kind - and Ritz crackers. When I grew into a mighty teenager

#2: Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Watermelon

You could be enjoying watermelon SO MUCH MORE than you probably do with it's delightful versatility. Let me share with you what I've discovered about the very special ways that watermelon loves you! Read the transcript here Reasons to love watermelon (in addition to it being delicious!): May help lower your risk of colorectal cancer;

How Bacteria Are Bringing Sexy Back

Bacteria are vindictive, life-sucking demons who must be shunned with every antibacterial scrub and spray made available. At least, that's the conventional wisdom to date. Thankfully, news is leaking out of a surprising, life-supportive relationship with bacteria. Yep, I did say it: bacteria supports life all over, inside and outside, of your body. Many of

Starve Cancer With The Right Foods

Her nurses were shocked at her story because she had this terrible disease at such a young age. Most people diagnosed with colon cancer are at least 50 or older. Nonetheless, Chelle is strong and spirited, and the nurses who help oversee her chemo love and adore her as though she were their own family

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