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Food Fraud in Spices, Alcohol & Juice

You can find out more in this article and podcast on food fraud. Spices, alcohol and juice also fall into the "highly susceptible" category for counterfeiting. Read on to reduce your chances of being caught as a victim. 1. Spices: These represent an easy opportunity for fraud. Spices are an expensive good purchased in small

The Six Most Common Counterfeit Foods

In the last episode, I gave you the background about how food fraud occurs, and why it’s an international problem. If you didn't listen to the podcast or read the blog post, please check them out here. Be sure to share this with people you love, so that they too can be safe. References are

Food Fraud is a Widespread Problem

Food fraud is a widespread problem worldwide, and unsuspecting consumers are most vulnerable. Find out what's happening, why it's occurring, and how to protect yourself. This is a three-part podcast series. Food fraud is the adulteration, dilution or mislabeling of goods stocked on the shelf -- is part of a growing trend of fakehousehold goods.

7 reasons to love cherries

Finally, we can understand the meaning in the saying that "Life is a bowl of cherries." It turns out that a bowl of cherries truly is a blessing almost as beautiful as life itself.

How Junk Food Companies Are Buying The Nutrition Industry

Last year, USA today asked Coca-Cola’s President of North American Brands Katie Bayne, “What do you say to those who believe that sugar — particularly in soft drinks — works on the brain like an addictive substance?” Her reply: “There is no scientific evidence.” Meet one of many junk-food corporations who sponsor nutrition education in

Junk Food Companies Sponsoring Nutrition Education

"It's like inviting Marlboro to a cardiology conference." A food fight for integrity is happening among dietitians and Big Food companies. It impacts how our children and the public perceive foods which could be harming them. This issue is about integrity. It's big, and we need support from you, the public. You may already know

Sun Protection In Your Food

Protecting your skin by eating food tastes delicious, too! This approach can help decrease your exposure to toxins found in sunscreens and allow you to soak up enough rays for your body to make its own vitamin D. Chard: These, and other dark leafy greens, can help protect your cells from free radical damage, caused in part by

Is Dairy Setting You Up For Painful PMS?

It was a beautiful fall afternoon in Brooklyn.  I was spending the day window-shopping around the neighborhood when my phone rang.  It was a former patient of mine.  I had treated her pelvic pain as a physical therapist.  As a physical therapist, I treated pelvic pain symptoms with exercise, hands-on manual therapy, and other techniques

Confession: My Dirty, Shameless Garden Affair

My garden is my part-time lover, absorbing as much time as I sneak in on evenings and weekends. My husband isn't jealous though, as this dirty love-affair translates as delicious food and a mellow wife for him. We're wasting no time with making babies. We already have hundreds of leeks, broccoli, kale and cabbage seedlings.

Take charge of your money and change the world

Ah, money. We want more, but we are not always sure what to do with it. Do we save it, spend it, invest it, or just avoid the whole thing and hope it all works out? I work with people every day who feel less than confident about money. Some even feel anxious, overwhelmed, and

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