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Lessons from the Christmas Tree

It just stands tall and gives of itself naturally. It cleans the air and soil. It offers shade, color, and homes for countless animals, birds, and insects. Even when the tree is dead, it offers its body to us as furniture, houses, warmth in firewood, paper, and more. The tree is useful and giving in life

Will You Help Me Nourish Hungry Kids?

Katlynn was the poor girl in school. I remember that her clothes were often not clean, and her hair often matted. She lived in a Super 8 motel room where her mother worked as a maid. Katrina and her two younger brothers attended the same school as me during elementary and middle school. Katlynn was

Five Tips To Avoid Weight Gain This Thanksgiving

The holidays are a beautiful time for F-words: feasts, family, and fun. This is also a period for an E-word: expanding waistlines. Starvation only leads to overeating. And that leads to digestive distress, weight gain, fatigue. Is that really how you want to spend your holiday? If not, then have a proper breakfast. Something like

10 Healthy Tips to Maximize Halloween Awesome (Beyond Candy)

Halloween was the standard american sugar binge affair when I grew up. Back then, I couldn't connect the dots between my sugar binges and mood swings, lethargy and blood sugar crashes. Of course I gobbed on countless pounds of candy. And my inner zombie tromped along in full force. While candy is still part of the holiday tradition,

Easy, Delicious Green Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Why is it that we use holidays as an excuse to overload ourselves with toxic, nutrient-depleting sweets and other junk food? Saint Patrick's day doesn't need to be centered around overloading ourselves with fake-dye, green junk food. This post isn't centered on sweet treats, but is focused on delicious, nutrient-dense green foods. My favorite things

How You Can Set Smarter Goals

If you're like me, you might set lofty goals that are tough to reach in the given time-frame! Both problems erode confidence in yourself. Thankfully, there are intelligent solutions to these problems. By using a smarter strategy, you can you plan to avoid that painful problem of failing to reach your goals. This year, resolve

7 Ways to Avoid Crashing Your Weight Management Party

Holiday parties are lighting up homes and hearths in many places. And during this jubilant time of year, so many of us face the inner dilemma: how can I enjoy the holidays without crashing my weight management party?  First, weight management can be a party. Seriously, getting healthy is absolutely fantastic! Adopt this appreciation for

The Trick About Halloween Treats

When my coworker thoughtfully asked me for healthier Halloween snacks ideas, I suggested what any clever dietitian would: packaged nuts, seaweed snacks and fortune cookies (see below for my top ideas). The candy bowl at work filled with the usual Halloweenies, despite my best suggestions: Milky Ways, Snickers, etc. To counter the temptations, I'm creating

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Cookbook: Foods that Love You Back
Cookbook: Foods that Love You Back
This is my latest recipe collection of over 50-pages of real food ideas that are easy and delicious, and your whole family can love.
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