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Why is gluten making us sick?

If people have been eating wheat for thousands of years, how could it possibly be bad for us? Why is bread so addictive, making it feel hard to give up? How does gluten damage the body? In this podcast, Anne Buzzelli and I discuss the how roving gluten molecules go rogue on the body. Anne

A Registered Dietitian’s Concern About Genetically Modified Foods

Carole Bartolotto, a respected and seasoned dietitian and Huffington Post blogger, opens up about her concerns regarding Genetically Modified Organisims (GMOs). She made headlines earlier this year after her controversial dismissal from a committee tasked with setting policy on GMOs. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (aka "The Academy") was overdue for updating its policy

How you can help get GMOs labeled

Join me as I talk to Cindy Black about labeling genetically engineered foods. Cindy is a passionate advocate for labeling, and shares her in-depth knowledge into the fight for the rights of labeling. We cover A LOT in this interview, including the following. How the labeling will work: How has GMO impacted farmers to date?

Unchecked genetic engineering is a huge risk

Ready for a lively conversation about the controversy of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? In this interview with Pamm Larry, a passionate GMO-labeling activist, we hear her perspective about the impact of genetic engineering. Pamm is credited with bringing Proposition 37 ballot intiative to the California voters in 2012. She is a figure much admired by

Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods in Washington – I-522 interview

Feeling confused about the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods? That's the result of more than $17 million dollars of funding from GE companies to help defeat labeling in Washington. Their ads are confusing to consumers, who simply want the right to know what foods they are eating. But GE companies, like Monsanto, Dow, Dupont,

How to Can Your Own Food

It's the end of summer and lots of gardens and farmer's markets are overflowing with fresh produce.  What can we do to preserve the abundance? (The audio interview on food canning with Carrie Kenner is found here.) There are many ways to preserve the harvest.  Food can be dehydrated in a food dehydrator, or frozen,

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