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#8: How Food Affects Your Mood

Clearly it’s an issue that touches so many people. But as an all-natural-kind of gal, I love to see research linking diet with depression. The general idea comes as no surprise, since most of us have learned in experiments with our own bodies that gobs of junk food usually means brain fog, moodiness and general

Boost your energy everyday

Has your energy abandoned you, leaving only a memory of better days? Bummer-deal energy or bad news health don’t have to conclude your fate! Here are simple, fool-proof strategies to for reclaiming your super-charge by fueling our body, mind and purpose every day. Meet our expert Laurie Erdman knows the story of fatigue and ill-health.

Kiwi Salsa recipe

Kiwi are in season! We are lucky enough to have kiwi berries growing on vines in our yard. They contain all the glory of kiwifruit in bite-sized pieces (smaller than a raspberry) and without the brown, furry exterior. Kiwi are also known as the "King of Berries", and for good reason! Nutrition Highlights of Kiwi:

Just Married!

I owe you an apology. I've all but disappeared from the planet, and only to suddenly resurface with this news: I'm married! On June 16th, Mike and I hitched the horse with the pony. While I tried with all of my might to juggle the wedding planning, the prenuptial party, four jobs (one of them

Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

What do imported grapes, domestic blueberries, celery, lettuce, strawberries, spinach, bell peppers, peaches and nectarines have in common? If they are conventionally raised, they have some of the highest amounts of pesticides of any produce available. They are known as the "Dirty Dozen", and experts  strongly recommend that you purchase these items organically. The trouble

Starve Cancer With The Right Foods

Her nurses were shocked at her story because she had this terrible disease at such a young age. Most people diagnosed with colon cancer are at least 50 or older. Nonetheless, Chelle is strong and spirited, and the nurses who help oversee her chemo love and adore her as though she were their own family

Certified Humane

Have you noticed the "Certified Humane" label on egg cartons and meat products lately? While sorting through a large assortment of eggs the other day, I became curious as to what exactly this label means. As one might expect, the "Certified Humane" product is just what one might hope it would be - emphasizing compassionate

Simple Banana Tip

The next time your bananas are speckling into an over-ripened state, try this simple trick to buy yourself a few weeks of time before using them: Peel each banana Slice bananas into coin shapes, about 1/2-inch thick Freeze in a clear container - a freezer bag or an old yogurt container will work The next

How to Select a Watermelon

Watermelon are packed with fresh, cancer-fighting nutrients. But did you know that the rinds and seeds are edible and super nutritious? In this post, links to wonderful recipes, such as tomato-watermelon soup, are provided.

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