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How to Can Your Own Food

It's the end of summer and lots of gardens and farmer's markets are overflowing with fresh produce.  What can we do to preserve the abundance? (The audio interview on food canning with Carrie Kenner is found here.) There are many ways to preserve the harvest.  Food can be dehydrated in a food dehydrator, or frozen,

International Food Blogger Conference In Seattle

Where can you learn the fine art of food photography, take part in improvisational theater games, and fine tune your food blogging skills all while dining on the most delicious gourmet food that Seattle's chefs can create? At the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle Sept 20-22! I'm looking forward to delving into all things

Naturally Radiant Skin

More Than a Pretty Face Want to look great in your shorts and tank top? Pretty skin isn’t just for your face. Your neck, arms, legs, shoulders and back will benefit from giving them a little exfoliation love too. Safe versus Unsafe Skin Exfoliants When you exfoliate your skin, you should use a gentle product

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis with Primal Nutrition

  The Pacific Northwest, where I live, has a higher prevalence of MS than almost any other place in the world. One of my friends, Laurie Erdman, is managing her MS with nutrition and lifestyle design. When I hear about MS, my ears perk up because I want to help the people around me.

#15: How Your Money Affects Your Health

The costs of preventing illness are much less than the cost of maintaining one.  The burden of chronic disease is enormous on our finances, time, energy, emotion, and relationships is enormous. Sadly, one in two of us will become the lucky winners of at least one chronic disease in the US. According to the Centers for

Breastfeeding Is Important Now More Than Ever

  Many women choose to breastfeed their babies for a variety of reasons and many individuals are realizing the benefits of it. Even legislators and people in power are realizing how important it is for women to breastfeed and they in turn have been making and upholding laws to ensure that a woman can breastfeed

8 Ways Cloves Heal Us & How to Use Them

Cloves are great for your heart, digestive health, blood sugar, anti-inflammation and sexual health. The eugenol found in cloves may inhibit inflammatory progression in human cells, and IV infusions of clove has actually reduced lung cancer. Folk remedies use it for improving digestion, reducing flatulence, for coughing, and for teething or toothaches. It is a staple spice in many classic dishes in the US, India, Pakistan and China.

#12: How Food Politics Affect Your Health, Part 2

Written by Andy Bellatti, MS, RD/N A significant part of this conversation touches on my thoughts about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), formerly known as the American Dietetic Association (ADA). This professional organization represents over 70,000 Registered Dietitians in this country, and yet I find that its potential is severely limited by its

How You Can Set Smarter Goals

If you're like me, you might set lofty goals that are tough to reach in the given time-frame! Both problems erode confidence in yourself. Thankfully, there are intelligent solutions to these problems. By using a smarter strategy, you can you plan to avoid that painful problem of failing to reach your goals. This year, resolve

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