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Breakfast Nachos

I wake up hungry enough to eat an elephant’s waist. On a good day, my breakfast might be a quesadilla, a piece of miso & bean toast,  a tamale, nachos, or any combination of these. Sometimes, I’m so nauseatingly hungry upon awakening that I mistake my pillow drool for an enticing sauce and I chew on my pillow. Nice diet plan.

Breakfast nachos take more a few more minutes than slapping together a quesadilla or miso toast, grilling a gluten-free veggie burger or zapping a tamale. This is because you have to chop up your veggies and cheese, which means taking a few more minutes than we ordinarily give to our food to be thoughtful, connected, and appreciative of all the options available to us. And since today is Sunday, I gave myself the extra ten minutes required to make this scrumptious and simple nacho meal. Use your creative license to try new combinations. Use any leftovers you have available. Make it a goal to add protein and LOTS of veggies. You really can’t ever get enough veggies. Rule of thumb: add twice the veggies that you think is reasonable. They shrink when cooking anyways. And if you are a typical American, you aren’t getting enough veggies anyways.

Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

1. Start with your nachos. I like using quinoa chips or organic corn chips. Don’t even think of messing with non-organic corn or I will personally yank your ears. (Read: GMO) You think I am kidding?

Cubed zucchini & split cherry tomatoes

2. Pick the veggies. Don’t over-think this step. Just close your eyes, reach into your fridge, and use the first things you grab. It’ll work out. Shredded carrots, bell peppers, onion, spinach, corn, beans, are all great. Bananas, strawberries, chocolate and marshmallows would probably be nice too. Why don’t you try it out and let me know how it goes for you? Wash, chop, and sprinkle whatever you use over chips.

3. I grabbed a huge handful of whatever greens I had available. With the exception of lettuce, most greens cook fabulously. So be bold and pile them on your nachos. Don’t be a pansy by adding just a few leaves. They shrink dramatically. PILE THEM ON! When you can barely see what’s underneath the greens, then you know you’ve probably got a good amount. Bonus points if you munch on another handful of raw greens while making these nachos.

  4. Next, I topped it off with a bunch of coarsely sliced red onion and cheese pieces. Cutting your cheese is faster than shredding. Just stack your thin slices over each other and slice skinny pieces. Who cares if it’s rough? I don’t bother buying shredded cheese because a) it’s too damn expensive; b) it’s usually dusted with flour (read: gluten).

5. Next, microwave. I only needed 1-1/2 minutes, but then I decided it needed more cheese and microwaved til melty again.

Make your nachos DA BOMB with an avocado grenade!

6. Add avocado chunks.

7. Add salsa.

Congratulations, you’ve made an ordinary pile of nacho junk food into superfood. Now you  accomplished something with your pile of veggies and nachos. Want more? Toss a few walnuts, pecans or sunflower seeds into the mix.

Want to improve this even more? Just add fresh sprouts (I like mung beans), black beans, pinto beans, chicken slices, smoked salmon, quinoa or amaranth. Your number one asset to killer nachos is COURAGE.


Be sure to tell me how you like these!




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