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Rebecca Potter

Herbs that help you manage stress

By Rebecca Potter, MH When stress comes knocking on your door, what do you do? Hopefully you have a tried and true method to get your stress level down, since prolonged stress causes chronic disease and even kills! And it turns our nerves into raw uninsulated electrical wires that keep shorting out causing all sorts

Rebecca Potter

Rebecca Potter is a Master Herbalist currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University and her Master’s Degree from The School of Natural Healing. Her journey into natural healing with herbs began in 2004, and she hopes to be a lifelong student of the exciting field of

Herbal decongestant recipe

Don't let fall and winter illness get the better of you! Let nature's powerful remedies help you out this cold and flu season! Follow this simple recipe.

Vegan Hot Chocolate is For Lovers

One reason winter is nice is because it gives me just one more reason to drink hot chocolate. One of my favorite things about being a vegan is how my hot chocolate kicked up several notches! You think I miss the milk, sugar, and cream? Not so. I feel that what I drink now is

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